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Pyre Jan 28
With a thunderstorm at your finger tips
You've peeled the side of my neck with your lips
I've never felt anything like this sin before
I could feel the electricity run through my body
As I realized I needed you..
Like my blood cells need my veins.
Our throats always swollen from fear of yelling more, so we whispered lies as they burned the back of our tongues.
Hoping to heal our decapitated hearts. Pounded by the butcher of love
We were nothing if not completely raw those days.
Now we wish for someone to hold us under the sheets while some ****** movie plays but we can't help being ***** little ****** and tasting everyone the world has to offer, and yet...
I still can help but wish for sleepless nights by your side.

So I'll be doping myself again with pointless regrets, off of worthless memories that mean little more than the hateful meaning I give them.
Now I'm just hanging.... bleeding.
From the barbed wires of life.



Pyre Dec 2020
My brain rumbles inside my skull
Lust becomes the fleeting requirement
Of this empty, yet overflowing hull
My left eye has begun to implement

As whole body shudders with the risk
Torn at the seams by indecision
My head splits open like a broken disk
Unleashing a horrid flurry of emotion

I release the muscles of my face
They have a mind of their own today
I want to rip myself from this place
But this cable, it tightens with dismay

A simple release might be a solution
Easier than really trying my assumption
Cowardice requires no permission
As I fall into the madness of addiction

As I drive the blood away from my brain
I focus on what my madness wants to do with you
Pyre Nov 2020
Your vengeful mood swings
Taste like a fury long forgotten
As your intrepid feelings sing
One's mind would easily be stolen

Haunted by the melodies it speaks
My very consciousness begins to shake
Reaching the limit, forcing its peak
Yet your voice slithers away like a snake

Unheard, unspoken like a gust of wind
The phantom presence of this anger
Crawls on my flesh leaving me skinned
As it finally seeps into....I feel the danger

You are but the darkness of your mood
This tension is putting the world on tilt
The snap will be one to scar with blood
And ours shall be stained to the very hilt

As our blades clash again in endless battle
One that has all but begun at the edge
Pyre Oct 2019
The spiked edges of my peripheral
Icy daggers throughout my veins
Sick to my stomach with pain
Wanna try me on? how admirable

Flat lining at the membrane
Punch to start my head again
Neck clenching with no gain
You think you've got a bad brain

With the circle of life in one eye
I've seen the future and all its vines
Half of them were blackened lies
Probably won't make it to sunrise

Shuddering bodies wanna keep warm
Failed restrains in your paper sheets
Lovers just don't come with receipts
Hold on tighter, through the ice storm

Squeeze onto me,
Unil your nails break my skin
Until my arms bleed with love
Pyre Oct 2019
I've been trying to fill a void
It's gruesome work really
So many ******* Polaroids
With nothing to see really

I still don't remember when
This dark empty whole appeared
I just remember you left, then
He sat there, as if he'd been here

At least the night, she holds stars
This presence, sits next to me
Smoking cigarettes, eating bars
I think it too wants to forget me

He's even tried to swallow me whole
Taking over every single blood cell
I was so drunk, he almost had my soul
I couldn't do anything, but ******* yell

Now he just sits next to me
Trying again...
Every other sad week
Pyre May 2019
I wish I were deaf
Not death itself
Just unaware of sound
Everytime it comes around

I'd have to ignore your call
I'd would even feel the fall
I'd be cold but I wouldn't fear
The very last of an old year

I'd have to smile at conversations
Not worried of its subjections
I'd be a little boring really
At least I wouldn't have to worry

I'd have to caress everything
See and feel the lightning
Touch your goosebumps to know
That your heart can still glow

Every single time
Pyre Dec 2018
I let the rain cry for me
I'm too afraid of what you do
I'm just a man that be
I want to be more to you

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because of everything you did
maybe I'm too afraid to see
what would happen if you saw me bleed

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because I can no longer shed tears
I've grown old, but good you'll see
I'm getting over these banal fears

so I HAVE to let the rain cry for me
because If I didn't let him do it
I'd be curled into the bottom of a sea
that I filled by myself, so I'll admit

that I let the sky cry for me
let his sorrows wash my face
because you are everything to me
because I'm still sitting here waiting
In hopes of one final embrace
In hopes of one more night of kissing
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