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Pyre May 5
I wish I were deaf
Not death itself
Just unaware of sound
Everytime it comes around

I'd have to ignore your call
I'd would even feel the fall
I'd be cold but I wouldn't fear
The very last of an old year

I'd have to smile at conversations
Not worried of its subjections
I'd be a little boring really
At least I wouldn't have to worry

I'd have to caress everything
See and feel the lightning
Touch your goosebumps to know
That your heart can still glow

Every single time
Pyre Dec 2018
I let the rain cry for me
I'm too afraid of what you do
I'm just a man that be
I want to be more to you

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because of everything you did
maybe I'm too afraid to see
what would happen if you saw me bleed

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because I can no longer shed tears
I've grown old, but good you'll see
I'm getting over these banal fears

so I HAVE to let the rain cry for me
because If I didn't let him do it
I'd be curled into the bottom of a sea
that I filled by myself, so I'll admit

that I let the sky cry for me
let his sorrows wash my face
because you are everything to me
because I'm still sitting here waiting
In hopes of one final embrace
In hopes of one more night of kissing
Pyre Nov 2018
carnal desires
on the thinnest wire
ready to let loose
waiting on a noose
we cant stop
we never will
we are the wicked
the only ones that know
in the dark warehouse on blow
that life is rotting away
That its all in dismay
wishing to run away
not wanting to
but needing to
the shackles on our hearts
weigh down our choices in art
unwilling to admit what we see
for fear that no one else will see
the truth that be, the darkness
it's a myth to others like the loch ness
I'm still confused about who I want to become. but I know I want you
and that's all that matters to me
so **** this regular life
with this pointless strife
I want to stand on top of our building
I want to kidnap the world for a birthday gift
so I take more drugs and pull apart the rift
change my reality.
please change my reality
it's the only thing I need from you
and in exchange.
I will give you all that I am.
and everything that they are.
Late thoughts on gritty paper
Pyre Nov 2018
I just can't do this anymore.
Im afraid to message you
check in on how you've been
why do I feel an intangible line
drawn between us at times
when the thickening clouds
begin to rain down proud
my heart beats with every drop
as if trying to communicate
with the nature of it's own disaster
drowning but I still try to mask her
the emotion that still haunts me
holding me back from the wind
I just need the waves of the wind
to wash away the clouds of my sins
so that I can fly from my kin
Clouds love poetscorner
Pyre Sep 2018
Alone in the clouds of my bed

Alone in the warmth of my head
I know you're trying to help me
I know you're trying to love me
But the feeling is gone...

And i feel so alone
In this bed made of snow
This broken boat that i row
These lonely nights that i loath….

You're crazy but i want more
You're lovelier on the floor
When you can no longer speak
About the things you adore….

Yet you still think of me
The empty face that you see
Will never truly be

Alone in the clouds my bed

The fickle faces I've fled
Always trying to save my life
Still wanting to fight my strife
But i just no longer care…..

Words strike like a lighting bolt
Everytime that you lock the bolt
Hoping that i will not fold
But, the, stories i have told….

You're still fighting for me
Still fighting with me
But i will never blame you

Babe i feel so alone
I know that i'll have throne
But you blocked off my phone
I'd still rather be a lone…..

When you tell me you love me
Don't think i believe me
When i answer the truth with lie
Yes I've practiced goodbyes….

So no more lies….
No more lies….

I know i'll even have to try
Even if i have to cry
Even if i have to die

love hopeless lies clouds beds
Pyre Aug 2018
The night is so quiet, yet so loud
It is so shy, yet remains proud
She’s so beautiful she’ll make you think
Then everything is gone in a blink

So many things happen in the night
With nowhere to hide in the moonlight
The liars, the cheaters, they're all here
So are the courageous, so don’t fear

She becomes everything you would need
You no longer need cuts to bleed
Nor do you need band aids to cover,
The wounds that she will rediscover

Wounds that she will carefully heal
A hatred you will no longer feel
That’s what her power is, the night
She’s only here to help you ignite

In the end she will

Night light right fright
Pyre Aug 2018
Let's Meet at the edge of the world
Where the sea falls into the stars
***** popping, and snapped bars
Drunken nights, and smashed cars

Hazy rooms and useless A/C
Smoky beds and wet sheets
Tingling skin and ****** feats
Hopeless love, a never ending sea

Dark pasts, and failed stories
Purposeful distance, and mindless kissing
Potion drinking, and hearts failing
Empty promises, and Pointless parties

I won't allow you to be lonely
You won't make the mistake without me
Let's poison each other into heaven
It's the least we could do us heathens

So let's meet at the edge of the world
Where the sea falls into the stars

Edge world sea society love hope
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