Wears "Beware of Dog" sign

Yeah, this isn't really a poem.

I would've stayed up into the midnight hours for a conversation I cannot wish to have.

It is a forbidden thing to ask for conversations I am not allowed to even grasp.

I have seemed to love and lost but not lived.

Have I not suffered enough?

I am not even close to Shakespearean in voice or writing but I stand anyway.

When asked what time to you favour most, do I dare answer honestly?

I would've answered sometime in the midnight hours all those years ago.

And now, I would give anything for a night's rest for a fort night straight.

And yet, nothing comes of these times going by and by.

I do not dare say I love the night.

But rather say I wish for the sun.

I wish for the sun.

I wish for the sun.

I wish for the sun...

I am not the poet you believe me to be.

I think it takes a special kind of broken to look in the mirror and stare into your reflection.

And when you look into your own eyes...

You know you're not there.

Failure is my major.

I just saw a bunch of pictures of people who I used to be friends with.

And I forgot how beautiful they all looked when they smiled.

It's been 9 months and counting.

And they still smile without me.

Say cheese.

Tuck Everlasting

A musical that didn't exactly live up to its namesake.

Ironic isn't it?

As far as I know...

Pain is just that..


Wanna live forever?

The last FaceTime call I ever had with you was on a Monday night.

And you offered to call me.

You know, heaven forbid I ask you.

I was too shy and cowardly, and I didn't want to seem so desperate.

I'm bouncing between thoughts because I'm sick of everything.

And beyond that, the world is sick of me being sad.

I haven't touched my calendar in a week.

I stopped just before the Monday of last week.

And it just stays.

I'm not asking for a time machine.

I'm just waiting for something..

And I don't really know what it is.

Mondays are the bane of everyone's existence. Until you learn that stopping time is impossible, that's never going to change.

truth becomes part of a life i used to know

i care enough to put spaces between words and nothing else

i'm not gonna go out of my way to commit suicide

but dying

even as a thanatophobic

seems more desirable than what i've got now

so truth be told

i think i'm more scared of the idea

that i might want to live

wake up before eternal sleep consumes you
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