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Thorns May 2019
Another year older
Another year tran
Another year *******...
Another year depressed
It Jul 2015
Two together
And slapping
Moans and cries
As purity dies.
As ****** thoughts
Are given life and energy.

As she arches her back,
Clawing his skin
Loving this sin.
As he goes deep
And she screams his name
Begging more
And his thighs, pleasantly sore
As sweat makes them slick

And moans and cries
And you feel so high

Only ***
Skin on skin
A man and a woman,
Or a woman and a woman
A man and a man
Trans and Genderflexible

Love is love however we
Want to see

And I am a follower of God
While i may not partake
I do not hate
Please understand,

We don't know how to say
That they don't think it's right.
But it's your life.

Forgive my people
For giving you anger
When they should have given love
Email me (
Or message me if you want.
Francie Lynch Apr 2015
I'm not anti-gay;
I enjoin their parades.

I'm not anti-lesbian;
In truth,
I'm in love with them.

I'm not anti-trannie;
I'm Granda not Granny.

I'm not anti-bi;
But still I won't try.

I'm not a misogynist;
Though I use  the word chick.

I'm not Questioning,

I'm Pro-Life,
And Pro-Choice.
A singular voice.

Take it easy.
I've foibles
Shared by
The race.
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— The End —