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gracie Aug 19
it is tuesday and
i love you.
gracie Jul 17
did you ever think of me
those nights we were apart?
and if i never crossed your mind,
could you've at least of used your heart?
gracie Jul 12
i think it might be best
if we just stop
because we always do better
when we dont have to talk.
gracie Jul 11
im sorry i havent been better;
i promise you ive tried.
but no one seems to notice
the pain behind my eyes.

im sorry i keep crying,
i just dont know what to say.
my words would only be empty,
and you would turn away.

im sorry that i must leave so soon;
i really cannot stay.
i know that i seem fine,
but i am not okay.

im sorry that my time is up;
im ready to say goodbye.
i know this might be hard,
but i promise ill be fine.

im sorry for apologizing,
(its really all i know).
i promise that i love you,
but its time for me to go.
i found this in a diary from freshman year and its one of the only poems ive written that rhymes.

gracie Jan 12
it takes two hours to loose myself
and a lifetime to find her again.

i look for her in dark bookstore alleys,
fingers across the shelves,
aware i am not the first
and will not be the last,
but for now i am your only.

a splinter catches my finger
and it reminds me that i can breathe.
gracie Jan 7
i cannot feel my legs
and my poems stay unread.
it takes two hours to loose myself
and a lifetime to find her again.

i look for her in dark bookstore hallways
fingers across the shelves,
picking up pieces of other people,
trying to reclaim the ones i gave away to you.

i shouldve known you wouldnt have remembered.
i shouldve known you would let me hang up.

we end our phone calls without i love you's,
yet you always say goodbye.
editing? we dont know her.
gracie Jan 6
i dream of november nights and broken cars
germany in march and the bars
in italy by the bay.

i dream of red speakers and fairy lights
green walls after fights
and tuesdays.
this is a rewrite of one of my favorite poems
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