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I don't know you
you don't know me

but can we be here?
in this moment, for a while, together.

Your past,

Are what I love most about you
Even though we are strangers

You're beautiful
I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

The innocence of ignorance
I understand you have parts of yourself you hide away
As do we all

That part is ok, because for know
We don't have to look at it
Its as if it doesn't exist

As your best parts of yourself are revealed first to a person you just met

That is you
Your best parts
That is who I choose to see

But I accept all of you
Because I know how much you hurt
I know your weight

For I share it too
in this moment
We can lift each other's burdens

Before we inevitably must return
to reality
Sadiya Tahseen Jul 2019
It hurt...
When I love you with
my all,
But you don't have enough
Time to look at me...
What I am going through!!!
It hurt...
When my days and nights
All are yours,
But you don't even care
For me...
What had I lost!!!
I love uh Baabaa,
And I know maye be someone
Can replace me after awhile..
What about me and the
replacement of missing part of yours???
I lost me... Enough me that my
All lost belongs to you!!!
Baabaa...I love you naa...Ur ignorance is hurting me...I wanna say but I can't...afraid to loose uh naa.... What I asked baabaa..Just little time naa...What I begged baabaa... Only ur presence naa..And for that I gave uh  my all... But I even don't deserve that...
muteD Mar 2019
No one truly appreciates me
Or the stuff I do .
Everything is all about what I can do
You and you and you ,
I give and give and give
And everyone just takes .
They take until there’s nothing left ,
Until I’m nothing but left -
overs .
Until I’m nothing but a mere carcass ,
An empty shell of
What used to be
And what I used to be .
Someone who used to mean a lot to me said this to me. In that moment, I realized that no one truly gets me. This was said to me with to the intent of manipulating me into doing what that person wanted. As soon as I showed a little hesitation, they hit me where they knew it would hurt.
Drew Oct 2018
Today I realized how much I didn’t matter to anyone at my school.
I walked across that stage and was made a fool
No this was not the end, only the beginning.
But I could feel the paint of my mind start thinning.
We show off our achievement like we are better than one another
As I drift away and my mind starts to hover.
I walked across that stage for some kind of academic excellence
But instead of a celebration, I felt the silence.
Student upon student walked across that stage
Each one of them with following laughs, cheers, love and rage.
But as I walked across there was nothing but silence and pain
I can’t wait till I leave this place
Because if I died today none of them would have known my name.
Jamilla Sep 2018
I was dying to hear someone say
That I didn't need
To try so hard to be perfect,
That I was enough,
Its okay to cry,
To be just
Be me.
Andrew Choo Mar 2018
Years ago,
I had a dream
For a better world,
But I woke up.

Now, I have a promise.
To those that have
To show a fake front and
To those who cry.
To stand up for
To those who are weak
And those who try...
But don't make it.
It's a creed to live by.

Call me weak
Call me a coward
Tell me that I'm scared
Tell me that I can't do it
Not by my own strength.
And I will say to you that
You are right.

It's the reason why
I train, write, eat,
Meditate, repeat.
It's the reason why
I can't let go of
My past; it makes
Time go fast.
It's the ****** reason why
I live in the light,
Consumed by the darkness.
Charlotte Jane May 2017
Do not control me, mum
I am not a robot
Or your play toy thing
I am a human
With emotions
and free will.
This poem tells about how my parents  constantly try to control and manage my life instead of trying to let me experience life on my own.

— The End —