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  Feb 2019 Ifeanyichuku Okoro II
The sweet, soft rain
Pit-pattering on the rooftop
Keeps the beat
As you sing to me
The most beautiful song
Of your love
In a void
much deeper
lies the answer
Do not get stuck
down there,
you mustn't
search for the
writings on the wall
then climb up
from the fall
to bestow the wisdom
upon the others
Maybe it's the obsidian spirit within that wishes to be in her axis spin
A topsy-turvy tango on the turnpike
My heart tries keeping pace
Embarrassment of riches, her smile never saves face
I'm spoiled to witness a heavenly Rorschach test walking
Olympic views sparkling on high
A natural one
Holy smokes
I've seen the evergreens blush red
When she brushstrokes
Her paintbrush-lush hair amidst the background of the Puget Sound
So refreshing
Trapped in her net
Outside the network of jerks
Fishing for lust
Refresh the pages
Reload the look of ages
My type of hype
She's keying in on my keen instincts
Putting wings on my desires
So heights can be admired
So fright can be delayed
In flight, I've fallen.

- Ifeanyi Okoro II
When you sleep
Do you dream drumbeats?
The elite pulse that defeats the silence of summer night heat?
Do your rêves
Glide in conscious streams or lakes
Where orcas dive deep like poets for undiscovered words?
Does your silent tongue speak volumes
Like hearts in mics?
Does your dream sing you goodnight?
I hope you've heard my love hiding inside the melody that Donny Hathaway plays
From every poetic note folded amongst the ivory keys plucked
This heart writes light like butterfly wings fluttering in flight
But it's heavy when I barely see you
So, my vision grows old like my wishes of us
Weakened only by fleeting time
Yet. lengthened
Like desires that chain-link hopes to the wildest dreams along far streams
You could say I'm always in your hair
Wherever the strands flow, I follow its fibers feverishly
Strung along by song of nature so strong, that
I'm in a Pinocchio-state, made to move by your voice
A puppet parroting psalms to praise your personage
In the richness of your favor
In the hour of knowing
It's been a minute
And time is indeed money
Every second counts when I'm around your golden smile
I wish I could play this track forever
Or rewire my brain to rehearse every one of your favorite verses
Be the B-side of your cassette
And rewind to the best moments
Unwind together.

Ifeanyi N. Okoro II © 2018
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