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Maria Etre Sep 2018
What if
I wrote
about what
I can't talk about
would that make

Would that
turn me into
a magician?
Lynnia Aug 2018
“Tick tock,”
calls the clock
Time inches on
and doesn’t stop
And dawn begins
We count by tens
Waiting for our lives to end.

“Tick tock,”
sings the clock
Time tiptoes on
and doesn’t stop
And morning begins
We’re wading in
Waiting for our lives to end.

“Tick tock,”
drawls the clock
Time marches on
and doesn’t stop
And day begins
We fight to win
Waiting for our lives to end.

“Tick tock,”
warns the clock
Time hurries on
and doesn’t stop
And noon begins
We pick up again
Waiting for our lives to end.

“Tick tock,”
whispers the clock
Time races on
and doesn’t stop
And evening begins
We grab our pens
Waiting for our lives to end.

“Tick tock,”
yells the clock
Time still goes on
and never stops
Night has arrived
The day has died
Make way; a new dawn starts to rise.
A poem about the human life cycle.
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
The distant thrumming
the rhymic ticking
a sound I used to hold dear.
washing away
the squeaks
the squawks
of a home too broken too share.
The taps
The tocks
of an old analog clock
washing my life to sleep.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018

In the tyranny of the measuring clock
Death is but a tortoise in this timeless race
With every slow tick and echoing tock
Forever keeping its careless pace

With so much to do I stay awake
With one foot in front of the other
Running with knees and feet that ache
Time feeds worms a salutary supper

In the end we must lie and nap
Embrace eternal slumbers deadlock
We are just hares caught in times trap
In the tyranny of the measuring clock

ashley marie Feb 2018
little alice feels so small in the corner of the room
The walls are quite empty
The room is quite boring.
Air becomes thick within layers
overthinking shackles little alice
little alice cannot think anymore.

sometimes little alice can hear
a rabbit running outside
she so desperately wants to follow him
the little rabbit's watch ticks
the clock ticks slower
tick      tick                           ­ tick

the room
can't breathe
                                                                ­              tick
Ellie Canty Feb 2018
What would happen if I disappeared?
Into nothing, out of time,
all stemming interaction ceasing

There would be the grievances,
ultimately stemming from the fear of it becoming truly personal.
Then the world would move on
With the human idea of time erasing me from existence.

The sun sets and the moon cycles
gravity pulls the earth around.
As i sit with you watching the stars,
I cannot fathom all of those who we have forgotten,
and realize i must come to terms

with the fact that i am a tick of a clock that will pass unnoticeably.  
But if that tick did not happen,
then we could not continue:
stuck in a moment when i did not exist.
Navahopi119 Jan 2018
Tick Tick Tick
The clock on the wall
Almost melodic, like
A metronome it plays

Tick Tick Tick
The time seems to crawl
But the thoughts hit me
Hard like a spike.
The voices like a frenzied craze.

Tick Tick Tick
The melody continues.
Trying to keep calm and stay cool
But the feeling continues to flow and ensue

Tick Tick Tick
The collection embues
Collecting and gathering, they pool.
I try my hardest to subdue.

Tick Tick Tick
The clock on the wall
continues to countdown
To my inevitable outburst

Tick Tick Tick
These thoughts continue to appall.
Attempting to drown
That which lies on me, this curse.


Then it chimes
It's inevitable
I'm responsible from my crimes
I should've known it was inescapable

The clock on the wall no longer ticks

Hanna Nov 2017

Where time is still.

An eternity unfolding.

A small infinity with each tick and every tock.

Can you hear it?

A frame that stands forevermore.

So when you miss me, when I’m gone,
You can always find me, curled up, between the seconds.
Rah-Rah Jul 2017
The day we met I completely dismissed you.

I gave the idea no second chances.

You seemed like train wreck that I needed to fix
But I just didnt have the time.

Thats a common trend with me.
Not enough time...

It always ticks and ticks
and annoys and annoys
Like a needy dog that pesters you for attention...

Thats how you make me feel.
Any constructive criticism is welcome!
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
The eternal clock
Starts ticking
Counting up?
Counting down?
Arms swaying
It's own master
Cruel ruler
Stern Dictator
Controlling motion
Holder of the keys to
Life and Death
Father Clock
Wise, old and fearsome
Times up
The Circle of Death

JM 4/1/17
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