Vanessa Dec 2018
I want you to
write poems
on my skin
with your hands
Vanessa Dec 2018
I feel stuck.
Because everyone I love
Is every which way -
And where do you go
When all you want
Is all of them.
In one place.
Vanessa Dec 2018
Don’t mistake my innocence
For the catalyst in your healing

I am not a bird in a cage
You get to release when
You finally feel free
From the pieces I helped
You glue back together.

Just to whistle me back when
Old wounds always relapse

Craving the morphine of my existence
The cure from the bottle they
Once drank from.

But don’t you forget -
My wings don’t give second chances
For the people who abuse the healers.

Without your second thought
Watch me fly away from your hands
But never coming back.
Vanessa Dec 2018
Forgive yourself.
For loving them.
Vanessa Dec 2018
We are born afraid
Of the shattered pieces that come
Maybe we are supposed to break
For the gold cracks of light
to shine through us.
Vanessa Dec 2018
I don’t want to just
Scratch the surface.
I want to bury myself
with the soil of you.
Vanessa Dec 2018
Tell me stories of the man
Who loved the moon so much
He bared his soul to her every night
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