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Poetic T Sep 2020
I'm Covid safe,
                when I *******.

I use a  Dettol Wet wipe,
  kills 99.6% cheese...

And 99.99% Covid

   stay safe you wankers...
Poetic T May 2020
Try wanking with your
   big toe and longer
               toe-ish part..

Its like a ******* with out
                          the awkwardness..

  Except your palm gets jealous,
  and starts showing the pressure
it can put on this

Jealousy is a digit
not giving a grasp when needed,
              cos you choose another appendage.
Purcy Flaherty Feb 2018
We talk about equality, honesty and candor,
dream of unity between *** and gender,
Though men can be *******, uncouth and crude.

It’s not just men that express lude desires,
Women too light their own fires.

A world full of wankers!
all love making goo.
I shouldn’t say it! Why?
It’s still a social taboo!
Equality, honesty and candour !
Gabriel K Sep 2015
talentless ugly spasmo ****** creep 'Collect for spastics' Sidemouth four-eyed geek bald 5 concentration camp victim slaphead ****** loner inadequate in bed ******* marathon-runner druggy gay Mr Tefal **** shinehead varicose-veined ******* not normal pigeon-chested 4
waster a demented Fraggle coke ***** ill-mannered intense charmless boring mean malodorous odious a monstrous 3 rude dishonest Doley pothead user skinny wretch thief on borrowed time loser pretentious priapic predatory ***** unscrupulous ruthless self-absorbed **** depressed disruptive influence bad luck unnecessary mediocre **** drug-dealer abuser impotent **** cossetted pampered mummy's boy ***** runt epi embarrassing shame mellee skeetch boring intense uninvited black sheep unemployable unreliable needy undesirable unusual greedy sarcastic lecherous misogynist premature ******* egotist deluded ideas above his station attention-seeking sick on medication unhinged unwanted untrustworthy wimp sexually-obsessed averagely-endowed gimp unsettling unnerving stalky sneak superfluous **** maladjusted freak
To be read aloud

© Gabriel Kemlo

— The End —