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stillhuman Jan 2021
My eyes sting.
Today is one of those days
where my voice trembles
my hands are sweaty
and cold
and while I stay quiet
my mind is yelling at me,
the sound of static
makes it hard to answer
people's questions
and I tumble on my words
heavy step by heavy step
in this conversation
and a voice says
"You're pathetic".
It sounds familiar
It is mine afterall,
but it's not angry
It's sad
and for some reason
Poetic T May 2020
Try wanking with your
   big toe and longer
               toe-ish part..

Its like a ******* with out
                          the awkwardness..

  Except your palm gets jealous,
  and starts showing the pressure
it can put on this

Jealousy is a digit
not giving a grasp when needed,
              cos you choose another appendage.

— The End —