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Peter husbands May 2017
I've written many stories and  poems.
I've written many novels and ballads , I've written songs and stage plays ,

parables and pros , epic stories of hero's and foes .

I've written  tragedies , comedies , science fiction ,  action, even some  horrors , and just about everything to my satisfaction .

I'm  omniscient and omnipotent, I do these things for fun .

I'm a solitary being you see , I have no friends to share my glee  , I can sculpture  a universe , manifest a multi verse , even parallel worlds , but it doesn't change the case , I would still have not a single  peer.

no one comprehends me , these characters are ignorant , their faiths are tied to mercy of my pens ink, look at her ,

no Mary you won't become a doctor , you'll die by the hands of a man with the  perplexity to do harm  , you'll be walking not bothering anyone , but you have to die that is the planned outcome.

sometimes I ponder  am   i cruel ? am I just ? what did she do to deserve such terrible luck  ?  .

I don't know my purpose ? is this all I'm meant to be ? , am I to create beings ? which follow my every decree ? , I'll always know their faith !!!. I'm tired, I need something more ! , something beyond the docile pages , where my creations abode .

I've come up with plan , a rather sinister and ungodly method ,one to correct the defect in my stories Set up .

I'll create a world , where everyone is free , man will rule , and he will do so with true  liberty . the bad and the  good will no longer be in my control,  causality will rule , chaos will be my fee, for the price of free will is steep .

but in this world I must have an enemy , someone to lead my creations away from me , I want them to love me , and not choose my enemy , they need to have faith in me , and realize that in the end I can still control their destiny.  

I assume Ill need an  army to make my story intriguing , I suppose this enemy can not be weak
but he must be potent! strong enough to resist my divine decree  , who else but a son made by half of my very own divine body ! ,  a peer that I will steer to a jealous and steadfast rage.

you're beginning to question how this story begins ,I'll say this , it starts in garden with two beings and a jealous serpent .
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this is one I've been working on for days ... i have others but i don't usally feel like reviewing other works so i don't post alot , but i'll just leave this here for now .
Peter husbands Mar 2017
Broken on the wall of this store
“Sale broken clock “
-Laughs- who would buy a broken clock?
Nothing works, I can’t tell time so what use am I?
I wish someone would buy me, fix me, and take care of my faults
Why is  this child is staring at me, I wonder if he realized I don’t work
“What good is a clock that doesn’t tell time” he asks his father
“No good’, his father replies.
I wish I could  start moving again, probably then someone might buy me
But that’s just wish full thinking.  I spend my days on this wall
Not knowing neither night nor day in a endless impasse
But i still hope that one day time moves for me again
Atleast one day .
one i wrote sometime ago ... like years ago
Peter husbands Mar 2017
it habitates within my abode,
continuously infesting my home.
it's a pest I can't get rid of,
pervasively in the dark
it's not a cockroach nor a rat
it's neither of that.
I want them gone , I need some airborne aerosol .
i need a reprieve , time enough to heal.
I don't know how to slay these fiends
please help me , find a means
to end this infesting disease.

so it seems , I won't find a reprieve
these pest humble within my own weaves
it's a part of me , like a gnot I can not see .
I'm at the end of me , and I've decided there's no fumigate that can end this spree I'm done cursing my flees , my roaches , and their army of disease , I'll die with with these murderous bees , because I am their Queen .

— The End —