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Meysa Jun 9
you feel a storm
you move fast
you etch his name above your navel with hungry fingers
- the art of infatuation

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Meysa Apr 15
Good. Bad.
I have been them.
- on being karma
James Study Jun 2019
one I knew
many years ago
all was fun
we didn't know
life was short
many years ago
Filomena Feb 2019
'What reality is this?', she giggled.

Before a second had passed,
she had ceased to exist.
From where have all the flowers come?
Tommy Randell Jan 2019
To Be Risk Averse
Or To Choose To Risk A Verse -
To be Introverse ?
Introverse / Introversion ? Thankfully we can make up the words we need.
Tommy Randell Jan 2019
Sometimes I'm risk averse
Sometimes I risk a verse -
Today I'm a Thursday flirt.
Filomena Nov 2018
we're in distress
require immediate assistance.

Come quick as you can
tell your captain, Old Man
and pardon my insistence.

We're sinking fast
our ship won't last
despite our best resistance.

But as long as she floats
get ready your boats
to salvage our existence.

please talk to me
as it is, we aren't left much persistence.
//In Morse shorthand, CQD meant "To all stations, Distress".
Filomena Nov 2018
it feels pretty strange
being called by a phrase
that isn't my name
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