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Teenage Mess
I see every single fault when I look in the mirror
I am the ghost of a teenage overdose
Teenage Writer


Star Gazer  Mar 2016
Star Gazer Mar 2016
Little girl, little girl
Can you still remember your dream?
Little girl, little girl
Are you going to be the sun and gleam?

Teenage girl, teenage girl
Why are they always being mean to you?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
Can you tell me what I should do?

Teenage girl, teenage girl
Why did you leave me here alone?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
You left your comrade in war zone.

Teenage girl, teenage girl
What's it like up there in the skies?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
Why did we have to say our goodbyes?

Teenage girl, teenage girl
I wonder do you see me near you?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
I have a degree that is near due.

Teenage girl, teenage girl
I'm so sorry you can't ever age
Teenage girl, teenage girl
I'm so sorry there's no new page.

Adult girl, adult girl
I don't know if you exist
But I miss you.
[Tales of my late best friend. Tales of the one person who truly understood me]
Kelsey  Sep 2018
My Teenage Years
Kelsey Sep 2018
My Teenage years;
Teenage years with people saying 'sit down and shut up'
Teenage years with no one caring
Teenage years with physical abuse
Teenage years with razor blades
Teenage years with no mother
Teenage years with bottles of pills
Teenage years with ****** assualt
Teenage years with suicide attempts
Teenage years with no reason to live
Teenage years spent pining for what was lost.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
Yashika Thareja Jan 2019
From Considering our family members as our family
To considering facebook , Instagram and whatsapp as our family
Teenage has created differences in our families.
From crying over lost pencils and pens
To crying over fake people and friends
Teenage has given us some major teachings and lessons.
From completing assignments on time
To requesting for some extra time
Teenage has made us forget the value of time.
From making time to watch our favourite TV shows
To hardly getting time to watch any show
Teenage has made our lives a puppet show.
From carrying a bag full of books to  school
To carrying only one book to look cool
Teenage has given us it's own defination of how to become cool.
From saving money in our piggy banks
To making Zero balance in our banks
Teenage has made us apart from our lovely piggy banks.
From dying to go to family get togethers
To finding excuses to avoid these get togethers
Teenage has separated us from our lovely get together.
From having a huge friend circle
To having only a genuine friend circle
Teenage has taught us the value of having a good friend circle.
From completing syllabus a month before exam
To opening syllabus a night before exam
Teenage has ruined the results of our exams.
Oh Teenage !
Oh Teenage! You are incredibly incredible,
But please be safe to us so that we too can become Incredible.
It's a fun to enjoy your loving years,
But please make sure that you won't left us in tears.
Our journey with you will always  be remembered ,
Afterall You are a phase to be always remembered.!!