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Star Gazer  Mar 2016
Star Gazer Mar 2016
Little girl, little girl
Can you still remember your dream?
Little girl, little girl
Are you going to be the sun and gleam?

Teenage girl, teenage girl
Why are they always being mean to you?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
Can you tell me what I should do?

Teenage girl, teenage girl
Why did you leave me here alone?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
You left your comrade in war zone.

Teenage girl, teenage girl
What's it like up there in the skies?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
Why did we have to say our goodbyes?

Teenage girl, teenage girl
I wonder do you see me near you?
Teenage girl, teenage girl
I have a degree that is near due.

Teenage girl, teenage girl
I'm so sorry you can't ever age
Teenage girl, teenage girl
I'm so sorry there's no new page.

Adult girl, adult girl
I don't know if you exist
But I miss you.
[Tales of my late best friend. Tales of the one person who truly understood me]
Kelsey  Sep 2018
My Teenage Years
Kelsey Sep 2018
My Teenage years;
Teenage years with people saying 'sit down and shut up'
Teenage years with no one caring
Teenage years with physical abuse
Teenage years with razor blades
Teenage years with no mother
Teenage years with bottles of pills
Teenage years with ****** assualt
Teenage years with suicide attempts
Teenage years with no reason to live
Teenage years spent pining for what was lost.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
Yashika Thareja Jan 2019
From Considering our family members as our family
To considering facebook , Instagram and whatsapp as our family
Teenage has created differences in our families.
From crying over lost pencils and pens
To crying over fake people and friends
Teenage has given us some major teachings and lessons.
From completing assignments on time
To requesting for some extra time
Teenage has made us forget the value of time.
From making time to watch our favourite TV shows
To hardly getting time to watch any show
Teenage has made our lives a puppet show.
From carrying a bag full of books to  school
To carrying only one book to look cool
Teenage has given us it's own defination of how to become cool.
From saving money in our piggy banks
To making Zero balance in our banks
Teenage has made us apart from our lovely piggy banks.
From dying to go to family get togethers
To finding excuses to avoid these get togethers
Teenage has separated us from our lovely get together.
From having a huge friend circle
To having only a genuine friend circle
Teenage has taught us the value of having a good friend circle.
From completing syllabus a month before exam
To opening syllabus a night before exam
Teenage has ruined the results of our exams.
Oh Teenage !
Oh Teenage! You are incredibly incredible,
But please be safe to us so that we too can become Incredible.
It's a fun to enjoy your loving years,
But please make sure that you won't left us in tears.
Our journey with you will always  be remembered ,
Afterall You are a phase to be always remembered.!!
Jane Bell Nov 2015
don't cry
don't sorrow
don't worship
don't listen
don't hold back
don't have emotions
But in fact
teenage hide
teenage scared
tennage runaway because home is no better than the bearing streets of cruelty for at least I'll have control of my destiny
teenage try
teenage listen
teenage will help
teenage get nervous
teenage sometimes doesn't understand.
Little do you know TEENAGE will cry harder in room thinking about homework than the once youngling who scraped her knee.
Just a bit of things I've heard about teenagers and no, I am in no way emotionless, Infact my hormones go off the charts.
Sarah Kersey  Aug 2015
Sarah Kersey Aug 2015
Over the course of my unavoidably finite life I have always looked for the best in people
I believe that every human being has a soul
I believe that deep down within all of us
Beneath our silver hearts and our metal lungs lie good intentions
We stray from these as time passes
Time, an irrelevant concept at the most
Has made us all fools
We agonize over the number of minutes we are wasting as our lives drag on
Throwing away seconds like used tissues
Throwing away people like used tissues
Throwing away our lives like used tissues

We wreck everything around us
Concern is a forgotten custom
We would do anything to forget
We are all very quick to judge

We treat everything as disposable and recklessly dive into the unknown for the chance of excitement
But as an unavoidable result,
We wreck everything around us
There are men walking the streets with shoes tied to their backs whistling a tune about a man ******* ******* and getting money
This man doesn’t have a dime to his name and the last time he made love to a woman she screamed in disgust when she saw the disease he picked up from another man when he was 17 and ******
There are women waiting in the shadows of the alleys, waiting for their prey to come along and take them for a spin just for a Benjamin Franklin or two
This woman was taught that *** was a way to survive and that Benjamin Franklin could save anything, since that was all her dad sent her in the mail, as if that was an okay way to make up for leaving
There are teenage boys staring down at green leaves crumbled into nothing and white candied sugar that doesn’t taste so sweet
This Harvard bound boy just threw it all away because the pressure became just a bit too much and the only escape that was left was in the form of artificial highs that will destroy his brain until he’s as useless as a used tissue
There are teenage girls who are downing a bottle of coconut *** and getting on the road to go home so they can take their AP exam the following morning
This broken hearted girl who was just trying to forget her ex by swallowing the taste of Hawaii just killed another man in a head on collision
We wreck our lives for the pure possibility of enjoyment
We are all just looking for ways to forget and make up for all these lost moments that don’t even exist
A moment is never truly lost because it ceases to exists
Yet we forget this all in the thrill of it

Time is just a sugar coated limit on our lives that we fret over in order to worry about something
But maybe what we should be worrying about is the boy snorting coke in the bathroom
Not only should we be worried about his inhalation of the fast white lady,
But we should also be concerned over the circumstances surrounding him
He’s got scars on his wrists that he’s gained from war
Not Vietnam or Iraq but the war in his mind
But maybe we should be worrying about the girl selling herself on the street
She’s got eyes like fire but there’s burn marks slashed across her back from her “mother” shoving her onto the hot burning stove when her daddy left as a way to get out her anger
But maybe we should be worrying about the man with the shoes on his back
The disease that girl avoided will **** him in a matter of months and he hasn’t spoken to his mother in 10 years
She’s about to lose her only son to the ground because of some stupid party and some washed up drunk boy just looking for a good time without any concerns or protection
Or maybe we should worry about the teenage girl whose sitting in the jail cell drunk off her *** and being charged with vehicle manslaughter
Her ex is now lying under a white sheet, dead as can be, all because she was stupid enough to try to get amnesia from a bottle of forbidden poison

We would do anything to forget
We **** up our lives for the pure chance of amnesia
We all just want our innocence back
That teenage girl would love to forget how she lost her virginity to a boy who didn’t love her
But now she’s wearing black at a funeral staring at the face of a man she truly did love with her hands trapped in handcuffs behind her back
The man with the shoes would love to forget how he was once a straight-A student destined to be the next Steve Jobs
But all because of some frivolous party and the sleeping he did in his health class freshman year, he’s given up on the possibility of love and companionship and he’ll be rotting in the ground next to his father by the age of 34
The teenage boy would love to forget what it’s like to live with a beast in your mind with a red name tag stamped with the title ‘depression’
But instead he’s slashing his wrists in the bathroom as his blood splatters across the remaining ******* that lines the basin of the sink
The woman would love to forget the story of her accidental conception
But instead she hides in the alleys looking like a replica of her dad and just a little too much like the woman at the post office he got a bit too friendly with
We drown ourselves in the possibilities of falling into this idealistic dream world laced with melatonin and codeine as our brain collapses in on itself and our memories float away
This is the dream
Yet we cannot grasp it

We are all very quick to judge
We are all self-absorbed beings who form opinions on these four humans who are built of the same skin and bones as us
Yet we don’t take a second to look just a little bit deeper
The woman you considered a ******* whose been abused and beaten by a mother that’s not even her own?
She has a college degree and won three spelling bees when she was 12 years old
She can spell the word promiscuous faster than you can breathe out
She’s got flower crowns wilting in her closet that contain rotting lilies from her wedding bouquet
Her husband left her just like her dad did
The teenage boy, who you considered an emo, suicidal, washed up ******* addict?
He volunteers at the hospital and tries to help other kids suffering from the same disease that plagues his mind, even though he can’t help himself
He listens to only country music and sometimes when he picks his sister up from ballet recitals, they sing it together, extra loud with all the windows down
The man you judged as a homeless, lonely, STD-ridden loser?
He’s got thousands and thousands of dollars he pays to a nurse each week to take care of the mother he hasn’t spoken to in 10 years
He grew up on nothing, with only shoes on his back, and made himself into something
He made himself into a millionaire over a silly idea that resembled Facebook
And now he’s resorted back to his childhood ways in order to keep a woman healthy that kicked him out of the house when she found out he was bisexual
The girl who you considered some ******, blonde, drunk idiot who just killed her ex by pure accident?
She’s a natural brunette and she only dyed her hair because her ex told her it would make her pretty
Her self-esteem is so low it lies in the core of the earth, burning in hell, where she believes she’s going to end up because she lost her virginity before marriage
She’s got a purity ring resting in the threads of her carpet and a ****** wrapper in the trash laced with regret
She fell in love with somebody who treated her like she thought of herself, and she let him take the only part of her she had pride in because she believed he loved her

But now the woman with the flower crowns hiding in the alley has become a victim of **** because of some ******* who wasn’t carrying a Benjamin Franklin or a ******
But now the boy with a love for Luke Bryan is lying on the bathroom floor of some high school party in a pool of his own blood, slipping into oblivion
But now the man supporting his mother is in the hospital because of a disease in his genitals
But now the teenage girl is in prison for life

These are all just stories of imaginary people
Yet it all feels deathly real
Take us back to our youth
Take us to a land of the forgotten
A Deco Feb 2013
I'm sick of sad teenage girls
crying out
"I've been used"
"I've been had"
"He lied"
"I was never loved"

Fear not sad teenage girls
it is clear what happened
the castle you keep your heart in was stormed
that tiny little princess that knew no evil
lowered her drawbridge

So, may I say?
Let it go
Mistakes will be made
That little princess can still grow
because she now knows
some are evil
all for the lowering of that drawbridge

Gard that castle well sad teenage girl
and never again will you know the selfish deeds
of some "Prince Charming" mounted on a less than noble steed

the sad will fade and trust can be fostered
just make sure he isn't an imposter
accept the past
because life is more than your love last
move onward
Or, he might pass by
as if he were just another guy

So I say to you sad teenage girls
This too shall pass

in the meantime,
take your
and toss them away
move onward to bigger and better things
because you are beautiful
strong and empowered

move on teenage girl
concern yourself with life
so later
if you choose to be a wife
she will not have to feel
like that sad teenage girl
lowering her drawbridge
lowercasemmmmmm Jul 2014
endless summer
lonely days
a tapestry wove by the pain
of teenage years

two names were cut
in a trees skin
a sycamores where it begins
the teenage years

like veins pulsate
a turn of phrase to something great
the teenage years

a table
moved across the slate
a ricochet of loves erase
the teenage years

and as a head full of old memories
goes ice skating round your heart
the thermostat of love
was broke before its start
and as the eye screams melt
into the lines of this song
back when this boy thought that he could
un-clip your bra with his tongue

lonely summer
empty days
that tapestry don't look the same
the teenage years

what seemed so important then
now means not of anything
faded teenage years
A                       D                           Bm7  
back when this boy thought that he could
Bm7(D)         A6          E7  AM7
un-clip your bra with his tongue

backing vocal lyrics courtesy of life's jump

he carried away
all that he learned
with all of his wants
all that was left
was all in his heart
a song/poem in progress   capo 2nd fret  AM7, Bm7(d), E ,E7, AM7
                                                                     D(A), E, E7, A
                                                                     D, Bm7, Bm7(D), A6, E7, AM7
Spider-Man is swinging through the air and his spider-sense starts tingling;
A white teenage girl has been lured into the woods by her ex-boyfriend and by another teenage girl who are ding-a-lings.

When Spider-Man sees what's happening, he lands on one of the trees that are in the woods;
The teenage girl's ex-boyfriend and the other teenage girl are up to no good.

The teenage girl's ex-boyfriend is about to **** her with a baseball bat;
The ex-boyfriend is a filthy rat.

Spider-Man spins a web on the baseball bat and snatches it away from the ex-boyfriend, which is great;
The teenage girl's ex-boyfriend and the other teenage girl are full of hate.

Spidey also spins a web on the ex-boyfriend, as you can see;
He also spins a web on the other teenage girl immediately.

The good teenage girl thanks Spidey for rescuing her;
The other teenage girl is a ***** and here are more things that would occur.

Spidey calls the police, which is grand;
The good teenage girl is happy that she was rescued by Spider-Man.

When the police arrive and arrest the evil teenagers, Spider-Man swings away;
The police will take the good teenage girl home and that's all I have to say.
The martial arts Muslim is hiking and sees something that really stinks;
A teenage criminal is trying to shoot five people and that criminal is a total fink.

The martial arts Muslim throws a wooden dart in the teenage criminal's hand that's holding the gun;
The teenage criminal drops his weapon and watching him do that is a lot of fun.

The martial arts Muslim runs towards the teenage criminal, jumps up, and kicks the **** in his head;
The five people are no longer in dread.

When the teenage criminal is knocked out, the martial arts Muslim calls the police, which is cool;
The five people thank the martial arts Muslim for rescuing them from the evil fool.

When the police arrive to arrest the teenage criminal, the martial arts Muslim goes away;
The teenage ******* is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
Jacqui  Oct 2013
Teenage weekend
Jacqui Oct 2013
My mind replays that teenage weekend.
The one that was intense, carefree and beautiful.
We spent that weekend like young lovers
Racing thoughts and pulsing hearts
Not once did we stop and think about what is right
or what is wrong.

Though in this teenage weekend,
nothing is wrong
it is all right.
That's the beauty of this teenage weekend.

Exploring the new depths of something so profound,
we are innocent.
This is new.
It is beautiful.

That teenage weekend
is forever there.
zero Jul 2018
'They're just a teen' gets dropped on the daily.
Like the added couple of letters at the end
determine whether our feelings are valued
or not.
They only ever tell us they're here for us
when someone offs themselves on the train
tracks next to the school. Call this number
if you feel down.
Teenage years are the time to find out who
you are, and maybe I am a depressed mess,
but us Gen Z kids are doing our best to make
sure us sad'ens feel alright.
Sometimes we don't feel alright, and, so what,
if it is just down to hormones and periods,
and Max's muscly shoulders or Louise's
brown eyes.
We are allowed to feel like ****. Cos Teenage
years are the time where we find out life isn't
like animated movies;
that bad guys are defeated and the hero wins;
cos, in the end, sometimes we're our own saboteurs.
And we find out,
sometimes that's okay;  to knock ourselves down will
make us build ourselves up in the grand scheme of
things; I sure as hell know I hate how I feel most days,
and I'm sure most teenagers do.

I'm just a teen;
but I have a loud voice, terrible jokes and
a **** economy to grow into,
and I'm allowed to be mad and cry
and I'm allowed to feel like ****
and want to die
because in the end, I know it'll all
be fine.
Married or alone with wine.
Sometimes life is ****,
and that's okay;
and to me,
that is the teenage dream.
A little mood for July;
Teens explored.

Gossamer Jul 2013
I'd always thought you were just a pretty face

a beautiful smile gone to waste

hooked on drugs

and lost from love

I'd always known you were a runaway

I'd always thought that you were a tease

'till I read those words that terrified me

because they were incredible

and beautiful

and they were written by a runaway

You're so close to perfect

and I'd tell you why

but right about now

you're probably high

a beautiful disaster

you're like a slant rhyme

and no matter how hard I try

I can't let myself get away from you

you teenage runaway

I want to run away with you

Shame on me for assuming you weren't smart

now i'm dodging the danger, the poison darts

'cause you're so close to everything

that i think i might need

Shame on me for writing this song

it doesn't feel right, and I know that it's wrong

and i wouldn't dare to believe

that what I dream could be a reality

you're so close to perfect

and I'd tell you why

but right about now

you're probably high

a beautiful disaster

you're like a slant rhyme

and no matter how hard I try

I can't let myself get away from you

you teenage runaway

I want to run away with you

I don't understand you

but I want to

and I want you to know

that I don't give a ****

what you do when you're alone

because I don't want you to be alone

You're such a mystery

you've got a hook on half of me

I'm not sure what i'm seeing when our eyes meet

but i'm praying, i'm praying that it could be

the chance i promised i'd take one day

You're so close to perfect

and I'd tell you why

but right about now

you're probably high

a beautiful disaster

you're like a slant rhyme

and no matter how hard I try

I can't let myself get away from you

you teenage runaway

I want to run away with you

You and your contradictions

you imperial affliction

you teenage runaway

I want to run away with you

— The End —