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Zoe Grace Nov 19
One friend persues the other
Cloaked in twisted fantasies
Oblivious to her discomfort
His ears unwilling to hear the word
Making comments unsolicited
Longing looks innappropriate

She doesn't want it.
Zoe Grace Nov 10
A heart of gold stopped beating
Two shining eyes now at rest
God broke our hearts to prove
That he only takes the best
Seven years ago today, my Pop collapsed in his bedroom and was declared braindead. This is the poem my mum wrote for him. Pop, if you can see this, I love you. I miss you every day.
Zoe Grace Nov 9
Time is non existant
The world around me shuts down
I transfer myself wholeheartedly
Into a fantastical adventure
For I am no longer myself
I am the protagonist
Sleep, I need not
But answers, well..
Answers I need to live
Zoe Grace Nov 9
You used to go by another name
Now you're somebody new, and your name is

When i was with you
My heart was at W.   A.    R.  
Questions and screams and bloodshed
Now you have my friend
I just hope you treat him right
You made out with him in the park
But did you really feel?
He doesnt deserve
To feel what i felt
When you had my heartstrings in your hands
I found this out today. New news.
Zoe Grace Nov 9
I write to feel
I read to breathe
I look at you for inspiration
The stars in your eyes
The gleam in your smile
The love in your heart

I write to feel
I read to breathe
You are my inspiration
Zoe Grace Nov 7
Arranged in neat rows
Colours bursting from the ground
Such a sweet smell
All around us is the sound

Of tittering old ladies,
And boasting old men
Life is wonderful, the sun is bright
Here in the peony garden
my family took a little field trip today and this hit me on the way home
Zoe Grace Oct 25
His body is a temple
Sturdy and strong

His voice is beautiful
Deep and meaningful melody

His behaviour so heavenly
But his whispers and his touch sinful
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