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Zoe Grace Jun 2021
The pain is still there
Sometimes, under the surface
It never quite completely went away
But it is fading.

Sometimes the burning itch
Reappears on the seam
Of my arms
But I tell it I do not need it

Thoughts about my weight
About my face
I cannot escape them
I can correct them

Eventually it fades  
I am trying my best
  Jun 2021 Zoe Grace
Stop! I could've swore I put that jar on the top shelf, not the second.
Stop! I can't concentrate, that picture is slightly skewed to the left.

My brain's flying at hyper speed back away, trust me you don't wanna ride this one with me.

My mind's a playground for sleep demons and time thieves. An endless land of madness and do as you please.

A never ending time bomb, where a cup left on the counter is deadlier than a gun.
OCD - Your new not best friend
  Jun 2021 Zoe Grace
My fountain pen
Has gone dry,
But when I dipped it in ink
For a second try
I couldn't utter
What I needed to
Nor what I wanted to
Zoe Grace Jun 2021
I am drawn to it
Theres no doubt
Now that ive glimpsed behind the curtain
Theres no way I could live without

The wisdom there, the fantasy
All grounded within reality
Cleanse a room with a loud noise
Poise is no longer mandatory

Crystals, carving sigils
This is where I belong
After so long
I have finally found a place
About a month ago, it drew me in. I feel an intangible but irresistible connection.
  Jun 2021 Zoe Grace
My Dear Poet
Even blind men
open their eyes
Zoe Grace Jun 2021
We've gone so far now
We know each other

Floated amomgst the clouds together
Swam to the darkest depths of our minds
Ran on white sands and cheered each other on
Written ransom for unruly emotions

As the curtains close on the next act
Never are we wondering what to do next
We follow out hearts, and our minds
We are each enough for the other

We've gone so far now
We know each other

The touch of the body
The caress of the heart
The sync of the minds
We are enough and more.
Nobody is on the same level as you when it comes to me, H. You understand all of me, and you love me even more for it.
Zoe Grace Jun 2021
You tease me
You trick me
You kiss me
You love me
H <3
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