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Sarah Mar 2020
I used to look into the sky and see
Just how small this world is.
Each twinkling star seemed a dazzling place to be
And I longed to one day dance with the moon.
Every wish I made was to just get away from here.
But I wondered then as I wonder again now-
How could anyone sleep, when there is just so much to see?
But now, it is the stars in your eyes that I gaze upon at night
And I realize that I have finally found a galaxy made for me.
My infinity will not last forever,
Yet I know I want to spend my forever with you.
Sarah Jan 2020
He is the calm that rests before me.
And I, perpetually the storm.
Yet it is always me brought to her knees to please this God of thunder.
For with every gentle lighting strike,
He reminds me of his power.
And what kind of sinner would I be to deny this simple prayer?
Sarah Sep 2019
oh, how you make my heart soar!
i never knew such a love could exist
much less that i should be do lucky to possess it
promise me that we can be permanent
for you already make me feel eternal
Sarah Jul 2019
Oh, how I could just disappear every time you hold me!
I want to melt into you and your world and stare into those beautiful eyes forever-
however long that may be-
and not a moment less.
Sarah Jul 2019
The summer breeze has me thinking of you,
In the crystal dark of night.
The fireflies are imitating the stars
In their celestial and temporary dance,
Their own galaxy of the moment held dear.
And I realize that I need you closer to me,
So I can hold you. Until I have to let go.
Sarah Jun 2019
I lie awake
When I think of you,
Because the sun cannot compare
To the light you bring to me.
And the ocean cannot surround me
As deeply as your love.
Not even the heavens can sing praises
Worthy of your name.
For you to have chosen me!
It takes my breath away every.
Sarah Jun 2019
life is safe under your arms
the poison can no longer reach me
and fill me up with utter nonsense
now i bubble to the surface
with light
and love
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