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Stellar Notions Jul 2015
who is stellar notions?

if only I knew

full of rapid emotions

just as angry as you

riding black oceans

with no land in view

I'll just keep my devotions

as a secret

or two
K Balachandran Dec 2014
A burning star, her pyrotechnics
arrested him, with her he resonates,
he too is in fire, by this affair
though fully aware of his folly,
he could do nothing except hopelessly
falling for her fatal allure.

Legion of lovers, once adored her
but none left now, she beams only at him,
is it gratitude, or enlightenment, at last?
Fading celestial pulchritude, he feels
too had so much gravitational pull.

A supernova she is, a majestic celestial
no words could describe, her
even in this moment of tragic burst,
the whole galaxy has gone dark
on her splendor, though for a while.

A nebula, all gas he is,being in love with her
though while she is embracing death
will make him aware of his own  immortality,
prepare for an incarnation, in the womb of space.

"All star material one day will be spewed,
mineral dust in the interstellar loneliness,
from that planets and beings get incarnated"
The moment of zen, sings in them a resonant tune.
I lay on my back
Grass blades impaling my thoughts.
Captivated by the night.
Belittled by the lot.
Of stars and starlight
A stellar sight
As I lay on my back.
In complete solitude tonight.
I write a lot about the night sky
L M C Sep 2014
stellar death is tragic
yet beautiful, bewitching
as it leads to
exquisite, opulent life

a miniature creature
who begins existence
with little capacity
but in time
blossoms triumphantly
never lacking obstacles
along its path

without death
there is no life
without destruction
there is no splendor
without mother
there is no child

complementary conflicts
opposing energies
illuminate the glory that
is life as we know
and life as we don't
Frances Aug 2014
My lust
        Was found living
  At the end of your leash
          Leaving me to wonder
if I was ever free
        I needed you
   And you used me
          But I screamed I loved it
   And let you be

         Shards of glass on the floor
    I swear to god I love you more

                 With every knife you'd twisted and tore
            Its the pain you give me I adore
Cunning Linguist Mar 2014
I opened a door in the cosmos
and was swallowed, ensconced
by the darkness that followed.

there you were
Phantasmagoric and sidereal;
I find I'm beside myself.

Come along and freefall with me
At the end of times
O'er the cliffs of nigh
We'll aspire to fire into spirals of nebulous unknown.
A companion to "Foxy space lady,"
Leena Sharma May 2014
if we're made up of
atoms and particles of past stars
then surely,
I should feel celestial
like you do.

— The End —