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Ayesha Jun 2023
Vibin on the same wavelength
Sparkling stars light the way
Midnight is our time to wake
For owls our hearts stay
For a dear friend as a bday gift ;)
Ayesha Sep 2022
Sleepless nights
Lost in a million thoughts
Everything is jumbled up
Eyebags always present
Pressure pulling me under

Not noticing the passing hours
Endless daydreams rewind
Even those lost in time
Dreading the morning to come
Escape to another land
Drifting off now...
Feels like I have acute insomnia even though the academic year has only just begin. :'(
Ayesha Jul 2022
Softly blowing
Wrapped in a gentle embrace
Splattering across faces
Puddles all around
Ayesha May 2022
Bomb blasts filled the air
Concrete flew about
Rubble crowding the horizon
Corpses lying about
The air seemed still
No living being made a sound
Yet birds screeched in agony
As a murmur arose from the ground
"...the sky is on fire."
Based on a poetry prompt found on Pinterest, to write a poem using the phrase: "the sky is on fire".
Ayesha Mar 2022
Rise up to the sky
Touch the stars as they shine
Luminescent burning rocks
Watch them glow a bright
Wish to be among them
But dull shies away
Hides from the world
Running from it
I don't know anymore... what am I really doing? It's like I know who I am but... I don't at the same time..
Not sure about the title either ~_~
Ayesha Mar 2022
When they ask,
"Why are your shoes so *****?"
"There is a thing known as sand,
And it is very abundant in this land.
It flies from here to there,
Whilst getting everywhere."
It's an annoyance at times to dust your shoes every morning, only for them to become dusty on the walk to school itself.
Ayesha Jan 2022
Freezing to your very bones
Chattering teeth, shivering forms
Huddled together
Around glowing embers
Does this seem incomplete or is it just me?
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