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Eloisa Feb 4
White flurries descending from the gray sky
Starting to envelope the ground like blankets
Leaves are lovely as if they have trinkets
Naked trees suddenly have ornaments
The cold wind blows the crystals in rhythm
Snowflakes are dancing like tiny butterflies
Winter's beauty truly isn't pale and colored light
The earth's not asleep, only dressed in sparkly white
A snowflake’s lifespan, once but a droplet,
Now infinitely a unique object.
Oh, lucky snowflake! You never compete
With other snowflakes. You are formed complete.

Oh, to be so born! To become my own
Arriving on Earth, meant to be alone.
You lucky snowflake! You have no power
But grow beautiful, to live an hour.

You are not long here, made of winter chill,
But precious snowflake! Do hold your shape still!
I am so common, never quite like you!
Each of you snowflakes, are a snowflake true!

Of frozen water, from the cloud above,
You became special, one and only love.
To live snowflakes’ lives! What would I have felt?
None would be like me, but too quick to melt.
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Eileen Black Dec 2018
Spring (Haiku)

snowflakes turn to rain
as spring exhales warm breath
melting winter's heart
Gods1son Dec 2018
I love the snowflakes as they descend from the sky
Oh, what a blessing from above
Pure, white, shiny and beautiful
Watching you fall is just astonishing

You have covered the land with your purity
I'm looking out the window, admiring your beauty
See how amazing you look on the trees
See all the houses with white roofs

A few lessons I have learnt from you
A number of people don't like your coldness
That's a reminder for me not to keep a cold attitude
The floors and roads become slippery
Tells me that it's important to thread life slowly and carefully
You come clean but we turn your beauty to something messy
Which means intentions could be misunderstood and mistreated

There are things you do that I'm not too pleased with
When you are around, it gets dark quite early
At 6pm, I'm already feeling sleepy
How about the stress of cleaning my car's windshield

All in all, I can't imagine a year without you
Good things often have their own challenges too
So, I will embrace all the blessings that come with you
And deal with the seemingly unpleasant ones too!
Cafiifa Jeylani Dec 2018
dear winter sorrow,
please don’t return tomorrow.
take a deeper slumber
and bring me back my summer.
take your frostbites and snowflakes too...
on your way out, don’t forget the loneliness boo.

Cafiifa Jeylani ©️
Joy Nov 2018

                             floa t

     s    p    a    c        e       d         o     u   t

        in  the cold
                           bone - biting  air.
Little dots
            .       .       .       .       .       .
                        drifting     eerily
               to the steamy pavement.

Don't you wish you could melt?
I sure wish I would
Healer Oct 2018
Once I thought I  was born  to fly,
till now all I was made to do was rely on,
I was just a standby.
Once I wanted   to be  the snowflakes,
but got cursed to be a snow grave.
Once the mirror used to reflect  me blest (bless),
now it only mocks me to death.
Once I used to love to feel alive,
now all I hope is to survive.
Once I used to love the sun,
now all  I feel is it's burn.
Once I was ready to live life,
now all I  see and face is strife.
Once I used to love the glow in the  dark,
now all I see and face is stark.
Once I was other's cover, their fence,
now all of it is past tense.
Once I was other's perfect illusion,
now all I am left is my own delusion.
Gemma Davies Oct 2018
Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Floating around, pretty and light.
The more of them that drift around...
The more beautiful the sight.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
They make even the messiest garden, shine.
No matter if the flakes are thick and heavy...
Or just a light dusting that's small and fine.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Gliding through the skies, uncaged and free.
Only resting when the winds conclude...
Gently resting on every roof, hill or tree.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Only present for such a short while.
A flying visit, and then they're gone...
But they sure do leave a smile.

Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter...
Making your garden glisten and glow.
They go wherever they please...
And please wherever they go.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
You are the pink rose,
Gently swaying in the cool air,
Drops of dew kissing your silky petals.
You are the first soft snowflakes,
Falling on a wintry day,
Creating an ambience of serenity.
You are the Spring astir,
With a sense of  tender caress,
In the whisper of the gentle breeze.
Or the wealth of the Summer that comes with joyous abandon.
Or the glowing colours in the painting of Autumn.
You are the smile that soothes my heart,
My strength to uphold my weakness,
An inspiration to my soul,
My guide,
My Angel from above.
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