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Arcassin B Feb 26
By Arcassin Burnham

Speak your peace and draw your heart,
No more paper ,there's no start,
Minds collapse imbued with fire,
Everything's the same,
Light it up and smoke it well,
Fill your lungs with that green **** that
feels like heaven every single day, no game,
Spell it out , don't say it loud,
Prove nothing to you , don't make you proud,
But I don't care, will never ever expire,
The **** you say don't mean a thing,
It's blasphemy, the actual day you come for me,
You'll have to ****, my entire empire..

Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
We're here , we're here,
We all, exist,
Gawd **** , gawd ****,
Can't han, dle this,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here.
Aspen Welsch Feb 24
I did it for myself.
I shed you and a little bit extra.
Like a snake peeling back
layers of you and me.
Our crusted scales scattered
across uncertainty.
Is your newness raw?
Is it untouchable?
Jenna Feb 24
From now on,
hopes and desires
will reluctantly withdraw
hence there is newfound joy
not in his life, but mine
small and precious
soft and fragile
do not fret, little one
for your life is only beginning
listen to my calming tone as you lull;
nothing will hurt you as long as I am here
so rest assured that my love will keep you safe
I may not be proud of myself,
but you, you should be
because their is nothing
in this world that can
judge you innocent
little angel of mine
so hush now;
will be
Trust me I'm not a mother. But this piece is for those who are struggling single mothers or perhaps just a mother in general. I tried to make a baby shape to go along.
I guess I am a different man
Than those who brag of women many.
Give me just one. Give a rose
Than full of flowers many gardens.

The count of flesh is not for me.
I do abhor that sum.
A single number means to me
More than dozens watered down.
Eyithen Feb 13
Another year gone by
Another year alone
I am used to this by now
Used to being on my own

I couldn't care less for Valentines day
It is chaotic and cheesy
It's too much of a cliché
My guy would get off easy

Singles awareness day comes after
That's the one I relate too
With my girls we celebrate together
They understand it like I do

We giggle and laugh
Cause we got something better
We make fun of all those couples
Singles stick together.
Grace Summers Feb 13
He showered me with kisses and gave me a rose,
He took me on a date, and then we struck a pose;
He gave me a ring and asked me if I'll be his wife,
Then the alarm rang, waking me up to my dreadful, loveless life.
A dark piece in lieu of being single on Valentine's Day.
Johnny walker Jan 27
A single red rose to my love I gave
A single red as I placed the engagement ring on her finger
A single red rose on our wedding day
A single red rose at the birth of our child
A single red rose I laid on her grave
A single red rose never to forget
A single red rose that told of our life
Rewrite of a poem I wrote a while ago a red rose that told of our life together
Stygian Jan 25
I wonder how you would see me if we never stopped.
I wonder how things would feel if we never ended.
I wonder how I would sound, or if I would've stopped drinking.
I wonder if your smile would be brighter or you'd hold my hand tighter.
I wonder what we would be if we never stopped...
chloe Jan 25
Being lonely does not mean actually being alone
Being lonely could mean you have loads of friends,
But you are alone in your head
You don't trust your "friends"
You don't need to be single to be lonely
You can be dating someone and feel empty and alone
Being alone is such a dark thing
Looking around and seeing everyone but,
Feeling lonely
Being lonely is like your eyes see black all the time
I randomly wrote this in freestyle so yeah it is unedited and I don't care if it is sloppy. I am just a sad teen
Christina Jan 24
she's still her
you cant seem to let her go
the memory of her haunts our time together

i shouldnt worry
i have no right to worry
but i do

with every touch we share
she's there
in the back of my head

did you make her feel this way?
did she say this for you?
do you compare me to her?

she's always in the back of my mind
making me feel insecure
because i always wonder if you forgett about me when your'e with her
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