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chris Jun 2020
When I’ll go away
just please don’t say
that with you I didn’t stay
and please
I just need you to pray
to pray for me

When I’ll go away
just please don’t cry
and I want you to try
to see what I lived
I just need you to pray
to pray for me

When I’ll go away
just please don’t hate
those who discriminate
me all my life
I just need you to pray
to pray for me.
First day of depression and it already feels like years
Kaede Feb 2020
Maybe I'm just gonna chase the wind;

The wind that heisted the happiness from us,
The wind that created the storms,
and prompted waves immense in form.

The wind that desolated every laugh,
The wind that once gave life to something not enough.
And the wind that blew our feelings away.
Maybe it could bring us back on that very first day.
This poem is not yet done. Trying to work on to this poem. I hope I'll have time to polish it. This one is for November 6, 2019 moment. "Cause memories bring back, memories bring back youuuuu"
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Excitement bubbles
Knowledge and confidence gained
First day went so well
First day of my course went really well!
It definitely eased most of my nerves for the day...
I'm looking forward to tomorrow! ^^
Now, to get something to eat!
Lyn ***
Wretched Jul 2015
This is how i remember it...

The first time that i saw her
was on the 14th day of July.
It has been exactly one year
since the day i laid my eyes
on this beautiful girl
and on that day
I knew exactly what love
looked like.
Love wore a red plaid shirt and
a red bandanna.
Love took my breath away.
I just knew that
I had to know her name.
Moments passed,
I finally gained the courage to
ask Love to join me.
Then there i was,
Staring at Love,
as if I couldn't believe
that she's finally here
after years of searching for her.
Love reached out her hand,
opened her mouth,
and said her name.

Right there and then, I knew that Love has entered my life.
I will always remember the day when we first met;
The day when the sun rose to it's highest peak as if it was never meant to set.
Emily Tyler Sep 2014
I guess I just expected
Something else

It happens every year,
I get excited
That maybe
This year will be

Maybe I'll find an awesome friend
Who does my nails
And answers calls at two am
Like Nicole did
Before she moved to California

Or she could be like Kayla
Who would be silly with me in
Drama class
And use chocolate sauce for blood
In our Black and White movie
Before her dad died in combat
And she went to bury him in
Some foreign country
Where cell phones
Don't count

Or a boyfriend like Louis
That I could see a future with
Sitting listening to Relient K
In a college dorm
With a million years to spare
Before he left for London

But the girl in front of me
In English
Pops her gum for the boy
In the next desk
And could poke my eye out
With her fake straightened hair.

The girl in my drama class
Cakes on her mask and
Participates in pageant after pageant
And calls her anorexia
A diet

And I heard the rumor
That the boy I thought was cute
In chemistry
Was caught ******* his
Under her desk in
Español Dos.

I didn't think my standards were too high to meet.
"Nothing gold can stay."
-Robert Frost

— The End —