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Beulin S S Sep 2020
Even the stars should wait...
For darkness to fill the world...

Though life is hard and dark;
Wait until the day you shine...

The star never glows in day.
Shine from the dark; let your life glow...
wait for your day
Sela Sep 2020
You elicit the warmth in this wintertide
Of shining in the sky
You draw me out of my darkest days
The night don't scare me no more
Because you will always be there for me from 6 to another 6
Sun, you will always be my brightest moon
I love you, Sun
Veritia Venandi Sep 2020
The sun still smiled sadly through the gloomy darkness...

And the message was clear to the world:
"The eternal sort of light shines even through the darkest eclipse...! "
Thanks for reading this! :)
Bibiana Alvarez Sep 2020
No matter how hard you try
People Will always lie
They say you can't do this you can't do that
Some days you're so mad
You try to paint the perfect picture
But you always end up injured
You try to create the perfect smile
You always go that extra mile
They throw it on the ground
You never make a sound
You try to be creative
They'll never believe you'll make it
To be creative
You gotta be a native
So they say with a crown upon their head
They want you dead
You will rise
You will shine
You will be fine
Just give it time
You're worth more than a dime
You will create the heavens
You will teach them all lessons
Kristina Sep 2020
What if
we were all once made
to shine
like the stars
in the sky?

What if
we were meant
to be beautiful?

What if
we were light?

But then
we got

What if?
SA Szumloz Sep 2020

Why do I even grow if the winds
******* off my humble branch?

Why do I even show my true colors
If the seasons change them accordingly?

Why do I even live with love if people
Are going to sweep my brothers away?

I am more than just an aesthetic.

I often wonder how leaves feel throughout the course of the year. Do they want to change their colors? Do they want to die in the winter? Do they want to grow back in the spring? I don't know. They don't talk!
John McCafferty Aug 2020
What do we know of tomorrow
See a balance between
positive checks and negative threats
So many potential pathways ahead
The sense of protecting self
To sharing one's wealth
Look after your health
Certainly certainty can't be free
Awaiting those with fools gold
Surprises to shine
A wave of collective debt
Do not spend which cannot be met
Benefits kept credit is swept
How far ahead do our actions prevent
the aftereffects of consuming the rest
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Saïda Boūzazy Aug 2020
She is a star
I like her smile
She is the sun
Every morning, she shine
She is the moon  
I like her lights shinning at night
Mom your my moon and my star
Mom you're my moon
clementine Aug 2020
eyes alike
                       astronomical object

                          s            ­ from

  ­                                 a

         c  o  s  m  i  c   g  a  l  a  x  y  ,

        the   s  u  n   and   m  o  o  n


           and   r  e  f  u  s  e  d   to

s             h                 i                   n                  e

                               even in a

l                    m                                     d
    a                    a                               u
       r                      g                       o        
         g                       e                 l
            e                        l          c      
       ­                                  l

        ­               i can tell that

                    ­               a
                         ­           e
a poem for you:))
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