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screaming at me
them clouds flames
flames flames
over the heat
touched me
touch me
they are screaming

screaming smoke screens
smoldering sleeves
stalking steep
Don't ask, Don't Tell.
Please don't ask me
~I wont answer.
Don't ask me
what he's done
I do not like to speak,
this is who I have become,
I am forced to overcome
this thing you call pain
Don't ask me,
so I don't have to tell you.
Please mind my wish.
I will not express everything like a *****
but I do not want to share,
this thing that is a negative flair.
Don't ask,
don't tell
WistfulHope Oct 2015
i'm tired of crying
i'm tired of late nights
i'm tired of dying
of sirens and bright lights
Make me shut up.
Cindy Long Oct 2015
I'll hide you.
In a room
In the back of my mind.
I'll keep the flowers you bought me there.
Cherish their scent.
In that room where they'll never die.
I'll keep the taste of your kiss there.
The wet sponge of your tongue
At my teeth.
Only there will I have goosebumps from your touch.
From your words.
I'll hide you between those four walls.
I'll hide you
In there with my love.
Just thinking of couples that had to be kept secret bc they weren't "aloud" to be together
Cordelia Rilo Sep 2015
light bleeds past curtains
stale bread waits with cold coffee
bills slipped through the door
Cordelia Rilo Sep 2015
past lovers, white lies
the power of empty rooms
secrets they possess
Cordelia Rilo Sep 2015
I love the way I look when I gasp
I hope I go out gasping for air
Head up
mouth open
like I'm coming and burning at the same time
WistfulHope Jul 2015
The silence
you're giving me
is worse
than anything
you could possibly say.

The absence
of your words
is the most
A Watoot Apr 2015
I am so sorry for invading part of your privacy.
Beauteous Beast Feb 2015
Don't let Destiny know you're happy!
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