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I tried speaking to you today.
You were right next to me,
But you weren't listening.
Its not like you ever do anyway.
No one ever listens.
I want to write a poem
but the words won't come.

I want to sing an aria
but I can't raise a hum.

I want to play a sonata
but I can't even strum.

I want to achieve so much
but, right now, I just feel numb.
This is a light-hearted response to writers' block, written some time ago. I've been too busy doing too much else. It is time I got back to "Hello Poetry".
I can see how broken you are.
Behind all that rage.
Underneath all that reason and duty to do the right thing.
I see you wake from fitful sleeps.
The way you look at your own reflection with such hate.
And still with the promise on your lips that everything will be okay.
I see how much you hold in.
The things that haunt you and hurt you and driddle you thinner each day.
Even with your shoulders back and chin held high like a good little soldier.
I see the way your muscles ache from all those walls you built.
The ones you guard night and day.
You pray that no one sees through that facade but I do.
I do.
I see the way you carry the burdens of your loved ones not once even considering trading in the weight.
The echos of horrible pasts creeping in the shadows just waiting for you to cave.
I see how beat down and feverish you are on nights you think you're all alone.
Staying up to watch over your family and keep them safe even from the wind.
I see the dull of your eyes when youre trying desperately to reflect the light.
I see you.
But I want you to know I also see how strong you are.
And how brave.
And how beautiful.
And oh how I love you..
Do you see me too?
Sometimes I wonder what the **** is wrong with me. All these beyond ****** up fantasies. It's not enough to end up on my knees. I wanna do more than bleed. I want you to hurt me harder. Push me farther. Sometimes I day dream about being held captive. Beyond psychopathic attractive. Wonder what it's like to be completely humiliated. Loved to the point of being hated. Want you to make be a good pet. Pull my strings like a marionette. Sometimes I get these sick thoughts about what you could do. All the absolute ******* you could put me through. And how I want that. Call me useless, worthless, fat. Then go a step further. Make me wonder why you even bother. Punish me like I'm nothing. Yet like you still have hope I could be something. Sometimes I want you to just about **** me. Make me beg for you to stop but don't you stop even if I'm crying. Make me think I'm going to die. ***** me down where I can't even fight. Sometimes I think about deprivation. Meat hook suspension.  Crush me into a pulp. Make me mentally ****** up.  Want scars that I can't explain. I don't want to ever be the same.
What's wrong with me?
On your knees.
Beg me.
(Come on baby please.
You like what you see?)
I do love to watch you bleed.
You take my breath away.
Don't know what to say.
(You can lead the way.)
Just to make you break.
It's more than I can take.
But God you're so good when you do it.
So let's do it.
(Got me saying yes, daddy.
Yes, daddy.
Cut me.
Gut me.)
Come on baby, **** me.
(Yes, daddy.)
I'm in control.
You know your role.
(It's taking it's toll)
Got my hand to hold.
You blow my ******* mind!
One of a kind.
(Send me flyin'
Feels like I'm dyin'.)
That's how I know you're mine.
God, you're such a ******* good girl.
Good girl.
(You got me saying yes, daddy.
Yes, daddy.
Hit me.
Whip me.)
Come on baby, choke on me.
(Yes, daddy.)
You never cease to amaze me.
You drive me ******* crazy.
Say you'll be my baby.
(You got me saying yes, daddy.
Yes, daddy.
And I'll never be the same.)
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