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Cindy Long Sep 18
Noones ever looked at me the way you do.
The way your pupils grow.
The way they lock in on mine.
The way they beg for more.
The way they insist I am pure.
The way the blue roars like the ocean.
The way they bore into me.
The way they praise my touch.
The way they confess your undying love.
The way your lids flutter when I pet your face.
The way they tear up at my soft and caring words
The way they spill every secret.
The way they search for any sign that I feel the same.
The way they burn into my very soul.
God, I cant handle the way you look at me.
But please dont ever look away.
Cindy Long Sep 18
Two flames
Mirroring each other in a wicked dance.
Sweat dripping down their bodies.
Their breath hot on each other's skin.
Flicking and swirling their tongues in an eccentric kiss.
Smoke rolls down their backs as they wither and wilt and melt in each others arms.
Their hearts burning and beating as one.
Their bodies morph as they transform, transcend.
The heat boiling in their veins, screaming and begging and solemnly swearing to never part.
Flames rising higher, brighter- a love that will never go out.
  Sep 18 Cindy Long
I want to interlace
My tongue with
The taste
Of your taste
And savor your flavor
Like it’s laced.
With desperation dripping off my chin
I scurry around this way and that
Trying to catch up the herd that
Knowingly is leaving me behind

I trip on stones I couldn’t see
Through all the rainstorm on my face
And stumble even further back behind

With need that pushes hunger off the list
I strive for things not physical
But nebulous and indistinct
That shimmer in the distance
And are always out of reach
Brings to mind an old pop song from the 70's or  80's.  It said "I'm in with the in-crowd...I go where the in-crowd goes.  I'm in with the in-crowd...I know what the in-crowd knows"
Why do we long for that?  Especially those who say they don't.
  May 28 Cindy Long
Your touch
burns my skin,
as hot as a blazing fire
Your words,
pierce my heart
just like a sharp dagger
Your eyes,
undress my soul,
gently and effortlessly.
wander through my mind,
at any moment and any time.
  May 28 Cindy Long
I want to;
                feel her bush
                            touch her Pink Rose
                       ****** her petals
  Until she spills
           her nectar
   on me.
  May 28 Cindy Long
His fingers
on her canvas
make her lips speak
so sultry
he can taste it
on his lips.
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