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?    i don't know ©
22    Live.
25/M    conceited fame of fallen sight


Matthew Bridgham Aug 2014
Shh… Shh… Shh…
Shh… Shh… Shh…

cars hush by pale sod mounds of urban fields
odd Sirens sing while small plush bits of skin fall again
autumn brings the tree-cricket trilling in
and roads of dead asters in brown brush…

Shh… Shh… Shh…
Shh… Shh… Shh…
kaitlyn  Dec 2013
kaitlyn Dec 2013
shh, the voices are speaking again
shh, i wish to listen to them
shh, they may be giving advice
shh, this time they are saying
i should rid you all.

shh, that it's okay
to watch you fall.

shh, into the fiery reigns of Hell.
shh, not only must you go
shh, but i am to assist you on
your journey.

so the voices know you are;
where  you  are  meant  to  spend  all  **eternity.