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Leone Lamp May 19
Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl
Live just down the hall
From each other
Somewhere in my mind

'Cause these ***** old men
Are known to have penned
Many favorite kid books of mine

But they also worked blue
And wrote more than a few
Naughty songs, novels and rhymes

They stayed true to their style
They'd go the extra mile
Their ****'s guaranteed to blow minds!
Just a fun connection. Both these famous children authors dabbled in ****. I thoroughly enjoyed their works as a kid and got even more of a kick out of them when I discovered their adult material. It's all pretty outrageous. Head on over to youtube and check out Shel's "Stacy Brown Got Two" for a nsfw laugh.

Samuel Hoffmann Nov 2020
How to live forever:
Step one, just never die.
Next go live your lovely life
Like any other guy.
Samuel Hoffmann Jun 2017
I want to write a poem,
I just don't know what to say.
I could tell you about my day,
Or about the bed upon which I lay.
I could tell you about neighbors next door,
Or all about the girl I adore,
But, alas, that might bore.
I could be depressing and sad,
I could be happy or glad,
I could talk about my mom and dad.
I could think and dream and speculate,
Or possibly spark a long debate,
I could go on and on and contemplate.
I just want to write a poem,
And don't know what to say.
enjoy and share, or don't --whatever you want.
Chris Raleigh Apr 2017
Don't you know that foreigners are bad?
They take our jobs and make God mad!
They ****, and ****, and *******, and pillage!
Why don't they just go back to their village?!
Terrorists they are! Every one!
What they've done cannot be undone!
We have one here, what's under her veil?
Surely something that will bring hell's hail!--

What's this?--

There's nothing here but hair.
Maybe this hatred that we all share is nothing more than an illusion.
Society's fusion of their elitist views and fears.
I...I can't believe this has brought me to tears.
Oh God. What have I done?
Chris Raleigh Apr 2017
She yells and rants and chants all day,
trying to get them to see her way.
Equal rights and equal pay,
are what she marches for today.
nathanthepoet Apr 2016
though we never met,or talked or seen eye to eye,
i heard his words from the birds that fly through the sky.
wish i had more to go with but for now this will do , i took the time to write these lines so i could share with all of you
Autumn Whipple Oct 2015
the mighty plan
might've been a dud
but i see an ace in
plan B!
OK, it didn't work either
but i think a lot
could be said
i love this for no reason. I feel like Team Rocket!
Brandon Ezzard Oct 2014
My dog sat right next to me,
Moved his legs and couldn’t stop.
I assumed he had to ***
And wanted to go for a walk.

When I put on my tennis shoes,
He got up and ran towards the door.
As he did, I had Déjà vu
Of myself standing on the porch.

I saw my dog
On my laptop.
I turned the ****,
The door was locked.
The air turned on,
The lights turned off.
I rang and knocked,
He sat and watched.

… And all this time I really thought
He wanted to go for a walk.
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
'Be Concise,'
She said,
So that's what I did.
Does it get more concise than this?
Answer: yes, actually. That poem took 4 whole lines.
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