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Thomas Newlove Oct 2016
If God exists and he is great, fair and just, why does my nose always start to itch when I'm in the shower and my hands are full of shampoo?
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
At that moment fingers rushed in an ooze of excitement,
A lake confronted in foam.
The smell of you cleansing everything it touches.
Could you image that,
Placing you in a bottle dispensing you little by little.
A thick lather filling the gasps of fingers.
How could you make a simple shampoo smell that much better.
How is that possible, I mean who on earth does that.
The slogan itself would be perfect
I mean Absolute genius
It would simply read
Possibly a picture of a deranged bunny on the front of the label.
A fluff for hair, One eye caught in mid blink.
Chipmunk like jaws.
The essence itself would be breathtaking.
I could see it now.
Placing you on the cosmetic isle in a bunny shaped bottle.
There is only one problem however,
How could we begin to bottle up something so precious
Simon Leake Oct 2016
What I have is a pitch
angled at nothing
and I envy the limber crowd of bees,
and I envy the spider’s easy meal.

The low hum of a wash cycle
competes with, then dislodges my dirge,
gradually builds a golden,
natural looking wan expression.

Diffident? Go out and meander
content to accept the indifference of meaning.
This walk is not a protest.
This work was only ever play.

Suitable for all skin types
our explanations can’t help themselves,
run like British accents on trade
and explain away any need for help.
Non-streaking conceits
you know best how much you are worth.
a poem partly made up from the blurb on a shampoo bottle!
Dracol Noir Aug 2016
The shampoo that makes you put your hands in the air
and scream and shout because you like the smell of your hair.
Disaster strikes when you find you've emptied your share.
So next day, you hurry back to the dragon's lair,
only to find a sign that says, "Buy one, get one free, if you dare."
You wonder why it doesn’t say, “Ferocious beast. Beware.”
Suddenly, you hear something scampering – a hare.
The beast is approaching. You escape but end up taking the pair.
You emerge from the shops feeling like royalty – the heir
to the magnificent and brilliant throne of Garnier.
Something strange is happening. You can feel it, on skin so fair,
with the wind chilling you to the bones and frizzing your hair.
Your ****** features tell it all, a reaction like that is rather rare.
In fact, one man notices you and continues to stare.
Sensing eyes, you turn around, see the man and glare.
You believe that men have no manners, something you should declare.
Yet many oppose your sentiments. They have faith in the mayor,
albeit they complain about the bus fare.
Return to reality. Why is it, your body feels bare?
Glancing at the empty bottle in your hand; a picture of a mare
and some words. You read it out loud, “Take care.
I made this poem as part of a joke for a friend's birthday...
Poems can tell a story too. ;)
leena Oct 2014
YOU loved the smell of my hair,
so i changed my shampoo but I STLL MISS YOU.
Mary Christopher Jun 2014
Her hair smelled of salt and fruity shampoo,
A strangely pleasant mix of the two.
Actually everything about her seemed pleasant,

Her silky black hair
And her freckles all over her newly sunburnt skin
That pink glow came from her skin just as it came from her lips
Her feet digging in the sand
As someone grasps her hand

But no one notices him
For she is a beauty beyond compare.
She loosens her hand to run it through her hair.
She begins to get up, the hesitates.

There is a look, undefined, I just couldn’t place.
I know what that face could be
Because now I see that same face on me.
It is hard to explain, hard to define
That face that appeared on both hers and mine.

But again as I sit, seeing this girl
She has gotten up and is beginning to leave.
She sees me looking and smiles at me.
It’s one of those empty, meaningless smiles one gives a stranger.

That’s what we were then, don’t you remember??
When your hair still smelled of salt and shampoo
And your smile still faded when I looked away from you.

Things got better.
That boy is gone.
It took you a while, but you moved on,
Moved on to life and moved on to love
And moved on to that smile you give out of love.

Your smile has changed from that first day.
It is no longer empty and strange in that way.
Now it means much more than words.
And now sitting with you, hand in hand,
You smile down at your newfound best friend.

i Apr 2014
when hot water runs,
and it relaxes your shoulders,
try not to get shampoo in
your already watery eyes.
because if those white bubbles
that are dripping from your hair,
get in your eyes,
it is positive that it will
sting and burn,
until it gets the attention needed,
but not even the coldest water
can get it back to its
previous clearness.

— The End —