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Bummer 10h
I don’t mind that you didn’t hear it.
Or that you chose not to hear it.
Either way it still stands true.
I’m sorry if it bugged you.

But I would be lying if I said otherwise.
Bummer 1d
You fit so perfectly in my arms. Holding the world together was never so enjoyable. And your coffee colored eyes look so beautiful when you stare back at me. I try to count your freckles, but I get too easily distracted by the millions of other things that make you so ******* stunning. The collision of your kiss leaves me so breathlessly happy, and I look dumb as **** after. I think of you during storms. I think of you all the time. And I can't think of a better way to daydream without you waltzing into my mind. You are my blissful summer nights. You are my adorable best friend. You are my coffee shop daydreams. You are my everything.
Bummer 1d
I'm not scared of sadness anymore.
I just hate the loneliness that comes with it
Bummer 2d
I’m not going so say it again
But you know what this is about.
I don’t know why I keep feeling this way.
I wish I could stop
this isn’t about you *******
Bummer 2d
I'm not a fan of people who fail to see past the smoke they exhale.
I don't enjoy the constant "I don't care" mindset, and I don't think it helps.
I don't care if you ruin yourself. I don't care about your health
but the second you hurt the ones I love I swear to god I won't hold back.
Do you know there is more to life? Do you know that you can have both?
You can be here for a good time AND a long time. It's not impossible.
You can’t just brush things off like it’s nothing at all.
And there is more to life than ***, drugs, and alcohol.
You talk of how perfect it is and write of how awful it is
I hope you get better.
I hope you change again.
I hope you start to see that there is always more to life.
one day you were all I taught about
and the next you weren’t
I’m letting go
I’m moving on
Bummer 3d
I still can't help but think that all I ever do is annoy you.
I'm sick of saying "I'm sorry."
But I am.
So I will.
I'm sorry.
I think i just end up disappointing you. I think you wrote just to make me happy. not because you believed in what you wrote.
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