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underestimated Nov 2018
You will be safe as long as I'm here with you
You don't really need me, it's true
But I'm here
I'm not what you expect in a knight
I'm not charming
I'm not super strong
I'm not even that brave
My armor is old and rusty
My sword is broken
I don't even have a horse
But for you, I will fight
For you, I would die
For you, there is nothing I wouldn't do
I promise I'll keep you safe...
James Lloyd Jul 2018
His biggest mistake did in past
Is all what he regret this past few days
He disdain all shines that she have cast
He not let his skin touches the rays

It's gone and still fading all rust
All rust that revealed as he begun to face it
The biggest mistake he did in past
To hate the love he threw on casket
I think I have sinned to the person I think is sincere to me, sorry btw
Danielle Jun 2018
Not myself,
Not with those wide staring eyes.
Staring through this wall of water,
Leaking from my attic spaces.
My brain leaks fears, like a rusty tin tap.
No, not myself.
Not with these thoughts or falling tears.
Depression sometimes makes you into someone you're not.
Sam Feb 2017
Have this.
It's a key.
But not just any key.
Maybe it's a little rusty, a little old, a little worn.
But it's yours.
And maybe sometimes if you hold it, it jabs into your hand,
But it's yours.
And maybe one day you'll lose that little key,
and you won't know where it went.
But don't worry.
This key is yours.
This key will always be yours.
Because this key, this small, old, rusty key,
is the key to my heart.
cait-cait Nov 2016
You pretend to zip your lips like
there's even a secret to spill,
as if i couldn't pry open
your mouth like a four
day old rusty paper-
off an
i was so angry when i wrote this but now im so sad..,,,... christ this is a mess
Viseract May 2016
We all fall apart
At the slightest disturbance
Leal Knowone May 2016
Love is what we decide to see, it can be peace, nirvana.or a rusty blade, uncertainty or empowerment, or all these things.
Love, beauty and perfection are in the eye of the beholder.
The beholder always has outside influences, but the choice is always theirs.
Sometimes we have little control over love's strongest energy taking us over and act out of character.
Making us do thing we may never do.  
like a slit neck or inner peace.
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