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Euphie Dec 2018
Let's **** Caesar and call it a day.
Brutus is laughing and Mark Antony is crying.

Calpurnia cries and Portia rejoices.
The people sing and some weep.

Wow, what a great day it is to be a Roman.
one of the most sarcastic poems I ever wrote. Still makes me laugh.
James LR Nov 2018
Dedicate heart and hope
And then abandon both
No dark without light
No hope gives no grief
No owner means no thief

And with your back against this wall
Don't be afraid to fight
Swim all you can
With strength that you lack
Save nothing for the way back
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
Testudo. The Turtle forms, we

Stand. Hunker down under your shield/my shield
Now and then shifting smartly left or right to ****/hate
the enemy.

Could it be
Enemies you love?

Ought not so to be.
Something's wrong,
the Turtle's misformed, deformed, in form

the center cannot hold...

And that was the lesson, war don't make things better,

Nobody, God Almighty included,
ever looked on war's results,
at a human-dirt level, and said "That's good."

If I am average,
I may make certain assumptions based on self evidence,
things mine own eyes witnessed, as it seemed.

I can stand ready to give answers to every challenge to the faith.
(Stipulation, mine, the faith
That is in me.)
I cannot so stand for the faith that is in you.

Rise to the challenge.
It’s your faith you’re defendin’,
I got mine covered.

Your hate shan’t hinder me, I shan’t let it.
Letters can naught contain.
Your hate has not to gain. Spell o' respect,

on you. R E S P E C T find out what it mean.
D I V O R C E, curse on you.
Spell o' bitter'n average stupid in yo' mouth.

Tammy and Aretha walzin' wit Matilda,
put a spell, on you, onus ennui, pay attention, fool.

Gainsay that.

Beyond the shell of your belief is all that’s called unbelievable,
Beyond the bubble of all you know is all you don't.
Simple to sublime.

Here’s this deal:
Your fair share of everything,
in return for nothing. Grace for grace.
Take it or leave it, makes me no nevermind.

Thank you, Knower of all, for what's granted.

You could stop there if that were your childhood prayer routine.

Amen makes it so.

A command from the bridge, “Make it so, Mr. Solo.”

This tortoise may bear the weight of the world, but

Can we believe it?
Standing on such tortoises all the way down?

Ready. Sistere.
(Google it, f’Cry’sake. E’en scientologists know
you gotta know what the words mean
when you read ’em or hear ’em or say ’em.) Define yer term.

Lies powerless, the idle word, bleeding from the wounds,
redeem them all. Sense and sensibility,
Pride and pre-
next, like yo judgment changes the future.

Sistere's the command to stand
given prior to the command to form Testudo,
the Roman version of the tortoise
military engineering adaptation
young Alex used to maul
Persian  shieldwalls. A human tank, back then.

Wallbuilders! Sistere.
Shield of faith.
We have the mind anointed for the appointed time.

Build another wall, or we will loose the mob,
after the futbol game.

Can you believe that?
Test u do, then wait.

Cool, it’s shady under such a cloud of witnesses.
Toying with lead soldiers. That, and lead paint. Maybe I am mad. Or only old.
Maybe, no, wait and see. Let patience have her perfect work.
I once watch stars creeping through my nostrils,
A plant turning god and breathing smoke through my mouth.

Today there are constellations colliding in my thoughts,
a battle of the gods, Sagittarius spending darts like bullets,
My life is named after a Roman god.

There are far too many gods in this world,
Some shine and some are shy of the light,
We talk shapeshifters, mind invaders, soul suckers.
There are far too many gods in this world,
yet non saved me from being burnt by the city street lights.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
I have drank the philters of the oceans
inside the notches of your sculpted bust
chiseled to perfection by my minds notion
immortal beauty to never crumble to dust

Skin of ivory with curves carved by a god
my little ivory girl how my fire burns
breathless, stiff, and lifeless left me aw'd
a singular lonely lover forever yearns

Just one kiss to those stone cold lips
just one before I visit in my dreams
my lips upon yours, hands on hips
how you look while the moon beams

lighting your lovely void face
The lips how they grow so warm!
Your arms how they tightly embrace!
By the gods, a living art form
to forever love in this dark place
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Out of the dark forest I stumbled
onto the pebbles of a moonlit lake
my languid eyes bumbled
swallowing down philter mistakes

a pale goddess in the flesh
how my stupefied eyes stared
at the beauty of her nakedness
something in me flared

flared and turned and burned
my flesh no longer mine
stag in form standing taciturn
she calls out for my canines

I run and try to yell
nothing escapes my lungs
pattering of legs hungry to quell
come to rip flesh with teeth and tongues

stumbling and tripping over
stones, limbs, roots and mud
left to a new life a stag rover
I hear the ******* and the studs

faster and faster I try to move
from this typhoon wave of carnivorous hounds
but curse these feeble hooves
the claws and teeth came crashing around

flesh stabbed with a thousand teeth
a pack of mouths tear and pull
a stag corpse I bequeath  
to the hunger of my own wolves
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Kidnaped love due to ravenous lust
Brings a thriving city to soot and dust
Villagers armed ready with sword to ******
Defending till their doom due to mistrust
Survivors now trapped in wanderlust
Till one rises and gains all trust
Follow! Follow! Follow you must
Till Rome is found and armor rust
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
The hills of Monte Mario
Drinking his goblet of wine Gallo
Well, Hello! I see the colored sands
Those far away places but no
happy faces in the promised land
I could  imagine pinks swaying
the corals her lips always playing

All love to be artistic with morals
Mezzaluna my moon awaits
Hearing my voice more shapes
of the Grecian countryside how it suits
both of their taste
The temples keep drawing
inside our hearts

Like a restaurant name Spartacus
love sometimes ruins us colors
Stay true like the rainbow
But time elapses and spoils us
Taking the whole dessert just
the two of us
Or love divided one of us

Beauty in our walk Green Gables
More Pillars to design
Temples and rear find artifacts
All shapes and colors you see coming
on the outskirts
Grecian beachy sand Godly waves
with your lover in the water
Got stung how it hurt her feet

Mezzalemium hearing playful drums
Hearing a familiar beat
Playing in the wilderness of dirt
The ****** of the night *** cake
he hums
The ancient stadium  hard work pays off
The roses color shades divine pink
Lips high as the pillars red wine  stained
your Grecian silk pillows
Thr Grecian times of food colors
and desires all mine
The colors that I shadow
Weeping beauty willow
Lifted her juices of sexuality  
(Sunshine Grand Marnier)
sparks my vision

The color of pleasure French
Pillars stand tall and slender
Handsomely love fusion
His color I try to mellow
My color touched another
The mind of drama
((Grecian Goddess))
It's not handing for a hand
in  a marriage like a pixel
The big statuette like models  
We also treasure the thing we lost
The colors will be there
We will always see them
They are in our family never
to leave them
This is European art Grecian and Roman times in my philosophy get your love hands and taste the colors of love and wine
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