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In world now full strangers
for that how Its seems to me
lost the love of my life my only love Helen's no longer a part of this
I'll feel like a stranger my self now for no one to love me
and no one for me love
either I would ask myself
the question what's the
Love of my life that of beautiful wife for I'd lived
a life more stranger fiction
how fate had bought Helen I back together after so many years
No book ever written could do our life justice of the love that shared for each other for Its the poems I write of my wife that
tell the true
Helen and I true lovers In every sence of the word never apart In twenty years that
we had as man and
wife a true love that will go on forever that nothing can or will ever break
Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow, Meow!

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow, Meow!

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow!
Meow, Meow!
Try to find rhythm...
Zhai Nov 2018
Material things don’t entice me
Empty promises don’t  count as a remedy
Flowery words are pleasing to the ear
With apparent intentions clear

Is this just an infatuation?
An effect of my subtle imagination
This relentles game of tug of war
How I wish it wouldn’t end up in a scar

All I know is that I’m tired of this dance
Might as well give us a chance?
You have gone way past this armour
Consistency, that is all I am asking for
Jarrod A Freeman Oct 2018
I just wanna get rich.
And overdose.
**** the world. Im on my own.
I wanna say **** love
And move on.
I save money.
Dont need condoms.
Cos i want **** anyone.

It started with trust values.
Then trust issues.
Am i alone i think i am.
People get mad at the sound.

I am not giving up.
Love is love.
But the earth population can move on.
Even if im *** and not a ****** monstrocity of a person.

I was not first born.
So i reap the problems.
I was not first born.
So i reap the curses.

****** hair. Bad teeth. And so **** ****.
I am no way. Gonna get married before 30.

Unless i buy a male order bride. A husband if that. Is that real.
If so. Where do i buy.

I just wanna get rich.
And overdose.
**** the world. Im on my own.
I wanna say **** love
And move on.
I save money.
Dont need condoms.
Cos i want **** anyone.

**** the world
**** love
If there is a god above.
Help us. To move on.
If there is a son of god.
How can you let us live on.
Son of god in the clouds.
Stop the poor and give them a hand out.
We all not one. But the same.

Cecil Miller Oct 2018
You've got a lot to learn now, honey.
You ought to take it slow,
But please don't take forever, honey.
We've got a ways to go
Here on this road to nowhere, honey,
And nothing in between.
Maybe we'll last forever, honey,
Unless we're too obscene.

Timewise, I don't have much too spare
On property, that's not my fare.
Little bits of lost lives; stolen,
Given to the egos; swollen.
I understand security,
I'm my arms, secure you'd be.

Maybe you don't need protection, honey.
But, still, it could be nice to know.
I'd lay my coat down for you, honey,
To bridge the puddles in the road.
Whenever we are elemental, honey,
I'd shield you from the chilly wind.
And raise the walls and ceilings, honey,
To build the house of fire again.

We could sail the oceans blue,
Or a rapid river in a canoe.
Sacred are the hearts of two
Who syncronise the avenue.
I can fix when you have need,
And you can fit my heart, indeed.

The letter of the risen law, honey,
Cannot dam the rushing flood
Of power you have over me, honey
I'm feeling mighty good.
Don't take advantage, honey.
Don't pass a good thing by.
We got some synergy, honey.
All good things will come in time.

Only if we hesitate,
There is a time when love is late.
Maybe love might come again.
Maybe no heart ever wins.
Maybe hearts in hand will soar.
Lesson one: I love *******.
I started writing these verses to a rhythm in my head. I haven't set it to music, yet. I hear it as a moderate pace in the longer verses, and a warbling, pooring like honey in the shorter verses. (Hence, the title Honey)
JS Jun 2017
Just because I seem strong doesn’t mean I can be left all by myself.
Just because I wasn’t crying doesn’t mean I didn’t care.
Just because I wasn’t writing you doesn’t mean I didn’t want to talk
Just because I left doesn’t mean I didn’t want to stay

When I say it’s okey, it wasn’t, can you finally get it?
How could you take your soul away from me?
Leaving me with empty whole
That hurts every morning

Was it love if I’m so replaceable?
Just because I seem strong, doesn’t mean I will survive your lost.
Those boys
They don't understand
Them girls
They're giving them a second chance
To show
That they give a ****
Them girls
Cry every night
Because those boys
Go out and drink all the time  
She waits
For him to come home
And he
Yells for her to leave him alone
She cries
Because she's tried
But he still doesn't give a ****.
Those boys
They don't understand
Them girls
Aren't giving them a second chance
Shai Tibbs Sep 2016
just feeling like putting my hands on my head,and with that disappointed look saying **** *** happened

caught in my own confusion not truly understanding what it is I want in my life, for my life,

asking myself are my decisions I make now affecting those around me, am I accepting good in my life ,or am I inviting pain and misery in

then again my life has always been pain and misery and whenever I gather that glimpse of happiness it seems to back fire

a few smiles a few laughs and I feel oh this is going to be great turns into arguing and frustration followed with constant irritation

lost in this maze of *** like *** but **** it who cares nobody ever shows their true heart stuck up to themselves, or afraid to speak to someone they don't know all these so called friends probably won't even look to see what I wrote

oh well my support system ain't really a support

just me and my music is how I feel lost in this World but at peace with Sound

it's true I'm the wind come and go breeze feels nice then it's gone if I stay to long it'll cause a hurricane that's why I choose to go ...
love to faults is always blind,
Always is to joy inclined,
Lawless, winged and unconfined;
And breaks all chairs from every mind.
sorry for the wait
Alisha Isabell Jul 2016
Fire burns in your mind
You complain about the heat.
I would carry buckets of water
For thousands of miles,
Pray for storms
Just to bring you a cool
I would quiet the burns
Playing your favorite song
Every night.
But time and time again
I burned at the price of others.
I would care for you
But I sit in ruins.
My arms are ash not
Strong enough to lift.
My voice is smoke.
My piano teeth are bent and broken.
No melodies will come from my embers
But at least I can appreciate the warmth.
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