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Shrika May 2020
Years since acquaintances,
Months since 'You and I',
Fortnights since 'We',
Weeks since  "I love you's"
Days since separation,
Hours since your 'Goodbye',
Minutes since tears,

Not even a second since you.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

It was early in the morning, in the forming of my soul,
in the dawning of desire, with passion at first bloom,
with lightning splitting heaven to thunder's blasting roll
and a sense of welling fire and, perhaps, impending doom—

that I cried out through the tumult of the raging storm on high
for shelter from the chaos of the restless, driving rain . . .
and the voice I heard replying from a rift of bleeding sky
was mine, I'm sure, and, furthermore, was certainly insane.

Published by Penny Dreadful, The Eclectic Muse, Fullosia Press and Poetry Life & Times. Keywords/Tags: shock, nightmare, insanity, dream, dreams, storm, rain, lightning, thunder, rift, sky, red, bleeding, ******, voice
Solaces Nov 2018
The end of darkness is at hand..
A being of eternal light is taking revenge..
It lost its universe to a being of darkness grand..
And this Light God wants its universe avenged..

It consumes all darkness where it stands..
It now has 10,000 suns spinning around it..
It gathers shadows in its hands..
Until all darkness is gone and the universe becomes lit..

A final light rift will form..
And all true light will die..
A white hole will be born..
When the last of darkness has died..

I see the 10,000 sun halo among the cosmos..
And I head toward its direction..
I now have to use the power of darkness..
To stop this universal light infection..
The light wielder has to wield the darkness..
veritas Oct 2018
there's a rift in your heart (as there
are in the hardest of hearts)
and it festers like an unsolicited wound,
inflamed by the ire from which your deeply-seeded roots grew, from which you longed to escape but could never run from  ,
but leave it, now.
lay it low,
in a river of forgiveness dispel your grievances
and come up, come again, unbowed of burden,
lest it finds its way downstream to you once more.
read a book a year ago about a sad boy. wrote this.
Sudipta Maity Dec 2017
For your good in goodbye
i hang, tying tight by tie.
Float my boat in sea of silence view
away from shore, far away from you.
For your good in goodbye
i rift my bone by stone of wavy lie.
Leave my land and I run
waiting to sink soon, deep in ocean.
For your good in goodbye
i voyage my boat in lighting sky.
To see you smile, i sail my vessel
even storm seems to me gentle, dead until.
I am blending with you again by diving deep to die
remain in your chest to lub-dub whenever you cry.
For your good in goodbye
i ended, saying hello you are mine.
Martin Narrod Oct 2015
come on darling take a chance with us
our meat is on the seams of a blue-blooded funeral
a **** body burial, and the volcanoes laugh

the thumbs shake
as the fingers dance
makes the rain pull its roots on
for the showcase the generic plants
will perform a feral routine

every **** a command-stop forwarded
the nucleus inside of a vitrified half-assed colon
and if they shiver they will find their saw
tailored to the head of that aurulent god

a caterpillar reads the braille and follows my wrist
he condescends, and breaks notions causing new alarm
they are all special, green feet and orange sinewy lines
he casts his blame he curses across the myriad storms

gold minarets in the distance
serpents living under man-made rocks
counting down the seconds on armageddon's clock

a lion counts his livestock
he puts his socks on, he wears a headdress
in the shape of a flame

just outside the shadows of an autumn day
ryn Nov 2014
................A gaping
        written curse...                black hole        
of a mere                             in my    
the vacuum                              space time
    put out by                                continuum...
         Flames                              Tearing a      
 supernovae...                         huge rift        
  of stellar                      in my very
         fireworks              universe...      

Glimpsed of innocence
Casually met
Words from strangers
A lot in common
Wine and smiles
Unsolicited lies
Cool distaste
Remnants of disrespect
Cracks in the ice
The inevitable rift
Fragmented faces
The corrosion of moments.
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
Love is in ruins
Kneeling for mercy
Strangulated hopes
Fiefdom of tyranny
Silent weeps of soul
At the altar of Love
There is remorse
Stranded humanity
Devils show no remorse
Love is in ruins

— The End —