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nja Feb 2019
The mirror is a farce, a myth, a crook
Our reflection is always exposed to our imaginative
and corrosions.
There is power in a refraction.
See whatever you want coz wer all blind anyway.
We never see the truth in the mirror
Silence Screamz Sep 2015
This is my shelter
My helter skelter
So tear me from the lonely diversion,
as I am the melting corrosion

This is my place
My ugly face
I fall to the angry sea,
as a withered man, I plead

This is my view,
My broken pew,
I cross my broken fingers,
as time spent and destiny lingers

This is my penitence,
My own resistance
I am not strong because I am weak
as life stops, I can not speak
Everything is just a wreck of emotions right now
Andractive Mar 2015
"you'll never find someone who'll love you the way I did"

God, I hope I don't .

you loved me in a way that made my insides corrosive and that's probably why I felt as cold and empty as a church confessional when you entered .
Glimpsed of innocence
Casually met
Words from strangers
A lot in common
Wine and smiles
Unsolicited lies
Cool distaste
Remnants of disrespect
Cracks in the ice
The inevitable rift
Fragmented faces
The corrosion of moments.

— The End —