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TheMystiqueTrail Oct 2018
The grief that broods in your soul
gushes as a fiery deluge
drowning you
in the flames of a sulphurous agony.

Between the layers of consciousness,
like a brutal cleaver,
it tears up the umbilical cord
that knots you up with your life's script.

On the wings of a melancholic sigh,
you glide to a land of psychedelic dreams
where the hypnotic beat of conga drums
carry you to a world
beyond the dreary beats
of a mundane chore.

The ecstasy of your steps
creates a mystical rhythm
for your Galala dance!

Even the shadow of your dreams
has a sapphire blue
woven into its consciousness!
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2017
umbilical cords i was
born with a pair
one motherly
the latter devilish
one i lost
one i kept with me
steel, forever cursed.
it pulls me
to the destruction path
where i lie with no remorse
and it's the strangest force
that pushes you away
from me.
invisible lives i lead
in the dark
where i keep you the most
but sometimes show you sparks
from a parallel road
i should have taken
right from the womb
but they drag me down
yet attached to hell
by a fine, thin
unbreakable thread

please forgive me
and them
we're one at this point

-- Eleanor
Martin Narrod Oct 2015
come on darling take a chance with us
our meat is on the seams of a blue-blooded funeral
a **** body burial, and the volcanoes laugh

the thumbs shake
as the fingers dance
makes the rain pull its roots on
for the showcase the generic plants
will perform a feral routine

every **** a command-stop forwarded
the nucleus inside of a vitrified half-assed colon
and if they shiver they will find their saw
tailored to the head of that aurulent god

a caterpillar reads the braille and follows my wrist
he condescends, and breaks notions causing new alarm
they are all special, green feet and orange sinewy lines
he casts his blame he curses across the myriad storms

gold minarets in the distance
serpents living under man-made rocks
counting down the seconds on armageddon's clock

a lion counts his livestock
he puts his socks on, he wears a headdress
in the shape of a flame

just outside the shadows of an autumn day

— The End —