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Oh Reggae tree, oh Reggae tree
Your leaves so dank and sticky
Reggae tree, oh Reggae tree
Oh how we love to smoke thee

Sellassi I, his gift to me
Be this tree from Mary

Oh Reggae tree oh Reggae tree
Mary Jane is lovely
I hope every poet out here had a lovely reggae holiday season whatever you celebrate
Why can't we all just get along?
Maybe if we all just hit a ****
Bhatiboys, bald heads, reggae mons too
Open your minds, and see what JAH can do
Rioters and looters fighting with cops
Roll up some ****** and the violence stops
Terrorist blowing up the middle east
Some Afghan kush would bring them all peace
If Escobar sold ****, not ***** cocaina
Then the whole world would be a lot greena
We are all JAH's children, so lets all get along
Maybe we could, if we all ripped a ****
World peace is within our grasp everyone!
The worlds gone to ****
Its as simple as that
The beacons are lit
Gondor calls for aid!
What was I saying
Im too high for this

Every continent
All 7 of them
They all got problems
Wait, Antarctica...
So most of Earths ******
Great job everyone

The penguins are beating us
They're not building walls
To keep out those fleeing war
They're building bridges
Well like not actually
Its a metaphor
But you get what I'm saying

Do they have **** in Antarctica?
I hate studying
Pens, paper, books, they **** me
I want to smoke kush
I gotta study herbology if i wanna be a legit kush grower **** school is hard
Sit down children and listen to this story
its all about the Cholos, who live their lives poorly
They mob in the street
They jam salsa beats
Plus those ******* laced my kush with angel dust.
******* Cholos.
I hate those guys
Sitting in de street
Spitting out a reggae beat
Rollin up a sticky spliff
Jammin out a reggae riff
JAH knows I take the fattest hit
"**** this ****** is strong as ****!"
I see a glint in the eye of a guy
On de street, just passin by
He flicks some cash in me cup, and I begin to smile;
For in my heart of hearts I know, he feels my reggae style
I toiled then in Babylon
with a suit and black tie on
I forgot who it was that I called on
JAH the one true lord of love
Sits on HIS throne high up above
HE sent to me a holy dove
in its talons

I had not smoked since that night
The sight of it gave me a fright
but from the sky, a holy light!
A fatherly voice came down from a cloud
"Son this kush is hella loud
Smoke it well, and make me proud!"
so I packed a bowl
and smoked

The power of kush, it lifted me
This powerful plant HE gifted me
It mended that old rift in me
and I once again, was reggae.
The story of my return to the right path. HIS light inspired me to fight the good fight against bald heads everywhere, and I fight to this day.
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