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Ronza Jairy Oct 20
Revisiting you
Is like playing with fire
I always get burned
Udit Vashishth Apr 2018
When the world gives me pain.
When everything makes me insane.
When each & every effort goes into vain.
I recollect all the sweet memories
that I have captured in my brain.

When I get distracted from my goal.
When I lose hope and cannot stand tall.
When I deal with the things that cannot control.
I relive all the moments
that I have captured in my soul.

When anything I see is nothing but a lie.
When I can't unsee bad things no matter how hard I try.
When I am hurt so badly but I cannot cry.
I reimagine all the beautiful pictures
that I have captured with each eye.

When I see my world falling apart.
When nothing goes right whatever I start.
When my brain denies to take part.
I revisit all the lovely feelings
that I have captured in my heart.
In today's world we sometimes lose hope and then we need a refresh button kinda thing to restart our daily life. The moments captured in our pasts help us to restart everything.
Rhyme scheme a a a b ***
SaWal Feb 2018
Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When you laugh all day and in them nights you weep
When stakes are high and pain is deep
When KARMA fails and life is a creep..

Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When nothing seems right and wisdom is bleak
When fights find you and peace is all that you seek
When you wanna do good and you are called a Mind Freak..

Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When you are heartstrong and headweak
When assumptions eclipse reality and emotions take a back seat
When you hold on hope and with every moment life leaks..

Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When you put in all the courage you got while anxiety is at its peak
When words running through your mind which they generally beep
When you are in ruins but whatever is left of you, you want to keep..

Sometimes you gotta sleep.
vanzilla Nov 2017
You’re the closest thing in my mind.
Or the most familiar heartbeat—uninvited yet throbs.

Maybe, maybe you were there before,
in those blurred, blank spaces of my memory lane.
Praying, just earnestly waiting
to contain me in
your poetry.

Your shape, your skin, your voice
seems a revisit of the past.
Where I’m sure, out there
the universe conspires
to meet us halfway,
promising that
we already are
both part of
one another
Debanjana Saha Oct 2017
Highlighting to my past
Exactly a year back
From now...
My break up took place
with the most beloved
person of my life.

A year later
In quiet moments
Revisiting & reviving
visualising it
To be tormenting more
Unable to adjust
One's emotional state
of being!

But now I can see clearly,
How I missed all the
red warning flags!

A burning fire melted me
To mould me fiercely
I screamed silently
With each passing day & night
I ran back to and fro
Not knowing where to go!

A lesson for life
He taught me to take a different route
Walk the path all by yourself
And to go with the flow
No matter how slow.

And this is how,
I became *

A me, who
flew back every
other new way,
To find him in nature
& Through solving
life's struggles
With each passing day.
Though I miss him every other day. 13th October, a day of my shattered heart pieces
Which I am still recovering from.
Wanted to ask him why he never valued me and broke up over a phone call & never met again. But now I know, I never valued myself or raised my standards to value me. I am made up of my imperfections. I am perfectly Imperfect. I need no validation. Be with me as I am or please leave before it's too late for me & you to do nothing but to drown!
Thank you for leaving me completely shattered. I am still in the process of remoulding & recreating myself all over again & again with each passing day & night.
Dana Mulder Aug 2014
When I want to cry, I read your poetry.
Out loud.

I revisit the feeling of unwantedness.
Unwantedness, like that’s even a word.

“But it is!” you’d tell me and once
again and
I’d feel stupid about what I didn't know yet.

Even if it was not true.

— The End —