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they ******
them up
they cried
they ******
they’re up
they cry
and ****
what luck
Hello Prolly Aug 30
Hope the sound of crickets
resting near your head
won’t wake up the bed
or want it?

just to tell you
now looking for a name
to call the day
that went the distance of three

I felt I did
I felt I slept
and shined through
and walked right at

I lost my breath
subtle hurts underneath
around my head
and heartily heartened

found a friend in friends
so talking their strange lingos
made me see the closeness
in the foreign truth

that carries

on-times so unusual
coincidental timing
and all the gones
how me, my zones

being alone
so moving, so home
near others
sleepwalking lovers

nervous panics
wordy freaks
one sided
broken line

still don't know today
the name
of ******* scattered

thus this scattered fragments,
my scatterline,
I just want to whisper
to your resting mind

while still smelling you
on structures of my skin,
sound tenderly
the creaks of crickets!
talking to you, talking to me
Hello Prolly Aug 23
thank you

for reminding me to be alone
the reason to be with you
Hello Prolly Aug 21
I love nonsense,
especially when it makes sense.
Hello Prolly Jul 22
on the road
and raw,
my body
your body,
and honestly
on the road
Hello Prolly Jul 17
So many souls smile on me,
so many eyes look up on me,
those hands that hang on me
Why not me?

Want me to see going,
walking straight worth following,
moving presence, future doing
How can I?

Too much goodness
for you and everyone
turns to madness
for you my restless mind

Put me down
and stretch me in the line
Pick me up
the rope that you can climb
Hello Prolly Jul 15
the world so big
overwhelmed of it
wanting to grasp a lot
be tangible part of it
makes me so petit
unable to change a bit

watching those
not only wanting or doing
but those
who have done
who have built
who have lived

seeing this all
you were born
to the wrong place
given no space
giving up the chance
to blossom in your way

I see you big
and followed
I see you walking steadily
people calling to you by name
**** if loved or hated
I see you black in colors

comes the time to change it?
I wish you cloud
I wish I could make you would
and would you make me could?
please grow for me
for you
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