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Jaanam Jaswani Nov 2015
i will give myself to you inch by inch.
i will make you bored of that same inch.
i will make you crave another.
i will touch the same objects that end up haunting you.
i will make you prefer the sound of silence.
i will give you enough space to fabricate a future for us.
but not too much so that i can see you just one more time
leaving you so very confused with your bits and pieces of shattered ambitions

and then you won't see me again.
you'll forget about the pain i left in your chest - slowly, and with effort

until you see me again, happy.
or am i?
Wass Aug 2014
Pretty soon the conkers would be falling, she could already see their
plump, cherubim bodies
spiked and dangling
like baubles,
or those underwater bombs,
from the oak leaves,
hanging limp.
i Mar 2014
there is a pink drink,
in a tall glass
sitting on the bar in
front of her,
ready to be drunk.

she takes a sip,
and another one.

in the first seconds
everything was merely
a blur, drunken people dancing.
but within the next few minutes,
she was going to fall in an
unwanted dream, and he would
take her so she can be
just his.

she didn't see that
the man who she thought was
thoughtful and caring,
turned out to be the man
who killed her with
a strong pink alcohol.

— The End —