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Kt Lynch Apr 17
Can I pretend I am a dragon if that means you'll be my flame?
A dark gray filled-up rain cloud if that means you'll be my rain?
A robin to my batman,
A bronze to my brains?
And when we're old we'll both walk the block leaning on our canes?
lmbf Mar 28
I can't write for you anymore.
Yes, I have hundreds of loosely scrawled letters written, typed, stored in one or three or five of the books I've taken over five years in a milk crate from city to state to small town and back again.
Yes, it took me an arm, a leg and a misguided rebound to get over you
But alas, here we are.
Yes, I know you won't miss me - though I know at one point you did care
But it's time for us to say goodbye.

I will dot the period, not the semicolon
(like you did a million years ago)
Seal the last letter with a smile
And never turn back.

Not until my teens ask me, "Mama, who were you before the world broke its promises?"
Will I pull out the milk crate
Filled with loosely scrawled letters written, typed, stored
And talk about the curly-haired blonde boy who first broke my heart.
Emiline Koljonen Apr 2017
National WWII museum,
New Orleans,

we have ended up here.

1,387 miles from home.

where war is so close
yet so far away.

I look at this boy
and for a moment
I swear his smile looks just like v-day.

And his laugh sounds like peace.

And when he calls my name through this crowd,
It feels just like a homecoming.
I didn't intend to not post any poems these last two months.

Back in February, I made a promise to myself to write a little bit every day  (even if it's terrible). And surprisingly, only two-and-halfish poems came out of it. I'm been writing a novel that may never be published, but I write anyway. Knowing that writing shouldn't be about publication, even though it would be nice. So, while I brush up those two-and-a-halfish poems, here's a short little something that I wrote in the gift shop at the National World War II museum about a very innocent and hopeful crush.
R Sep 2017
A new face
A stranger
One that can resurrect a withered flower
My eyes were stunned
It’s more like I’m dreaming
Please don’t wake me up
This feeling’s overwhelming
I think I’m in love
But I do not know exactly
Is this love at first sight?
Why does time run slowly?

I was jealous of everyone near you
You have hurt me unconsciously
I manage to come near you
And finally, I was with victory

Lots of things happened
More on pain than love
I became selfish
I just wanted to be with you
But it turned out
That the love I offer is not true
Nothing’s wrong with you
It’s about me
I thought I was in love
I thought it was love that I felt
I thought you were perfect

But I was wrong
Love’s not about perfection
It’s about accepting flaws
And every single thing
All I had was infatuation
But a deep, deep thing
Now I’ve realized things
I’m sorry for all the damage
All the troubles
And mess

Don’t worry, for you,
Promise, I will learn to love
my cousin asked me to write a poem about infatuation, sadly I don't think I've given it some justification, because for me, it's more of a story than a poem. anyways, enjoy reading! :) *** bless
What happened to us.?
We used to be the happiest team no matter if we had a good night or a rough one we were always there. The honeymoon phase may be over but is our connection over? From me waiting for a call or text and from the look of it it don't even have the same love just feels like your usual chore. I know I can be clingy I can be a little bit over when I express myself but there are times where i don't even say a word and I can't get simple hey babe and that's what hurts the most. I'm trying from my heart and soul I'm trying to make this work and last but I need you to join me I need you to fight for this just like I've been fighting for this because I've been putting everything for this team but a team ain't a one person it's two and I need you. I'm not trying to cause a scene I'm not trying to start a fight but I want you to know what I feel what I feel from the inside because so far I've been feeling cold and this cold shoulder ain't leaving any time soon till your break the ice .. This is what I mean when I say I miss you I miss us .. I don't know what's going on anymore but I want you happy.. With me or without me but that never would change the fact that I love you.. No matter how much you don't respond or act like you don't even have someone I love you.. That's all there it is to it ..
Carlos Salinas Feb 2016
My heart pounding in tantrum
Bursting off my chest
The moment that you kissed me
Jacked up my heart rate.

That fitbit’s good for nothing
That gag around my wrist
It has been rendered useless
The day after we kissed.

My senses went haywire
Emotions off the chart
The beauty of a loving
Cannot fit on a graph.

It couldn’t feel vibrations
Nor my churning inside
The chemistry between us
Is tough to quantify.

Don’t ever kiss me impromptu
I’ll get a heart attack
Because you drive me crazy
You stir me inside out.
The moment the person you hold so dear kisses you for the first time, your heart will beat so fast and so hard that it'll break your fitbit band
ZT Oct 2015
A faint color of pink
Showing on my cheek
Because Of a simple wink

From faint now its clearly showing
The color of pink on my cheek
Undeniably i am blushing
Just because, at me, i see him smiling

The pink turns into red
just because of a single line he said
My face now flushed
Like it had been punched

The red turns to blue
Like a bruise turns into that color
When I realized it wasn't true
That wink
That smile
That line

Was just situation
A trick made by my imagination
Lily Sep 2015
What is it about you guy in white
That sets fire to my heart
Adrenaline cursing through my veins
I don't even know where to start

What is it about you guy in white
That sends me running to the core
Though try as I might I fail
You're just too precious to ignore

What is it about you guy in white
That makes me want to write a song
Do things I've never done before
Go places I never dare explore

There's something about you guy in white
That stirs and calms my storm
It's been restless for a while now
Ever since that day you came along

Leigh Herondale  *September 2015
Lily Sep 2015
I don't know if it is because of running
Or if the air-conditioner is set too high
But my heart is racing
Can't stop my hands from sweating
Just because I saw you.

Leigh Herondale  *September 2015
Lily Aug 2015
I met the love of my life today
I didn't say hi and he didn't say hi
I don't know his name
He does not know mine either
Our eyes just locked up and there
Instantly I fell
Tho love seems so sweet and giving,
Our line is that kind of a tangent.
But in that moment that
I got to hold his eyes with mine,
I swear we were infinite.
As life goes on, this site has become my diary. Bear with me.
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