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Out the box, precious little thing as we knew!
Very moment we laid our eyes, our hearts swayed away.

Still remember the moment I washed you,
In a little sink, as you quivered hard to stay.

Three years of our life ain't much to adieu!
But a big piece in yours, as you spent like a holiday.

Never played fetch and it's not your cue,
For you once been a normal canine? no per se!

Welcome you with our hearts to a year- brand new,
You're the best son ever and that's all I can say!
I remember you as a fluffy furball
As I gave you the first baby bath.

Made you sit & stand- as ya learnt 'em all
Oh! with you- it wasn't an easy path!

So well grown up, now past 4 years I recall.
Though calm & gentle, the time
rows fast.

Will it ever be the same midst all these brawl?
Never will it be- since things ran 'south'!

May be far- we will always, love you Pal.
Happier you wag & stronger gets your health!
Birthday poem for my pet dog named "Mike"
'thoughtOutLoud Feb 2016
"The more I know people , the more I LOVE MY DOGS"

Waking up early in the morning by a big shout of "you should do these house chores"
BETTER is my dog who
KISSES* me when I wake up :')

— The End —