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The moments we crossed were long forgotten;
Slid 'tween my fingers like some fine cotton;
Love you had within, yes I did missed so far;
To be Lucky alas to have had you in my car!
A last ride with a better half.
I walked my walk, learnt people aren't permanent.
Remember this my tree, you'll just die in peace.
Must have been cold to get uprooted for nothing, while they say it's for their own thing.
Would be ironical if they make a diary out of your leaves.
And sure will they in joy, whilst leaving you to torment.

Rot you my trrrrrree.....
A tree that is ignored all through it's life, is the witness of everything that has happened around!
Out the box, precious little thing as we knew!
Very moment we laid our eyes, our hearts swayed away.

Still remember the moment I washed you,
In a little sink, as you quivered hard to stay.

Three years of our life ain't much to adieu!
But a big piece in yours, as you spent like a holiday.

Never played fetch and it's not your cue,
For you once been a normal canine? no per se!

Welcome you with our hearts to a year- brand new,
You're the best son ever and that's all I can say!
Love - a game of trial and errors.
Breakups - became a fashion of convenience.
'In a relationship' - now is a funny trend.
Marriage an unexpected deadend.
Victim? Well, that's You!
This is a short verse about love, relationships and how people value it in this so-called modern era!
I remember you as a fluffy furball
As I gave you the first baby bath.

Made you sit & stand- as ya learnt 'em all
Oh! with you- it wasn't an easy path!

So well grown up, now past 4 years I recall.
Though calm & gentle, the time
rows fast.

Will it ever be the same midst all these brawl?
Never will it be- since things ran 'south'!

May be far- we will always, love you Pal.
Happier you wag & stronger gets your health!
Birthday poem for my pet dog named "Mike"
Cut the ropes, as they lower that archaic bridge-
Open came the rider, his dark beauty with no refusal!

As the thud fades, he rode ahead into the smudge;
Cast away by the fellow kins, for he been so mystical.

Though the good deeds by him, failed 'em hearts to budge.
For now, faith be on his own,  as he trots on a back so loyal!

Forward he goes- leaving behind the burning grudge;
To lands to conquer, his paths quite long and fatal.

Traits though common, for He's up above to judge-
Gazing at the moon, the melancholic eyes gleam in betrayal!
This is all about moving on further into your life with no grudge.

— The End —