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Nat Lipstadt Oct 2020
<for my friends>

Poets, let us examine this friendship thing, again.

This is a poem of humans, regardless of our natural multi- flavored striations, that tend to over-define us, thus separating, instead of celebrating commonalities.

Like most things we enjoy, our five senses are the gateway to pleasure, even the pleasure of friendships.  They act in concert, a symphonic interplay that reenforces and heightens so that in combination they create a whole greater than a single sense could provide singly.

This is on my mind this week, as I wrestle to understand the meaningful possibilities, the limits of friendship.

Poets form bonds without hearing each other’s voices.

Poets connect despite geographic distances that makes grasping each others sinewed arms, caressing the softness of hard cheekbones, without ever having been granted the unique, all encompassing satisfaction of embrace, hugging.

Poets sometimes can hear but not see each other’s words.

Poets sometimes can see/read each other’s words, but never hear them voiced aloud in the authors own, true voice.

Poets sometimes cannot smell or taste each other’s words, though it can take a poem to another, higher sensory level of coloration.

And yet, a bond so strong forms that defies the conventional limitations of the physical. Should we share such a bond, them you know it, no need to ask for confirmation.

Words, can be gifted, without teleportation, even when and if the bridge of a shared spoken language is not extant.

This is nothing short of miraculous.

Just like friendship.

All my wrestling to true comprehend this state, for naught, for the miracle of words is like the color of water. Universal, invisible, but so varied, that it too bridges and is shared by every ! human body regardless of any human shape, color, form of the billions conceivable

But wrestle I do nonetheless, for the pleasure of this (non?)soluble problem that both creates queries & quenches simultaneously, so I break off this thinnest wafer to share with you, offering this notional:

All humans are poems.

All poems are human.

Solve this poem for human.

(And ignore the wet spots of my watery, clear tears staining this poem).
Bhill Feb 2020
Examine yourself
Which direction should you go
You do have choices

Brian Hill - 2020 # 37
the appointment was on
i must go on
without wait
the author asked me

what is your name?
for my trouble, i forgot

i have a date
i wore good suite
try to be calm
everything was going fast

i went and looked
she asked," What is your age?

i forgot my birth date
i went to examine
they said get out your identity

it was away
i forget that by a way

she came again
she said,"Do you remind"
i said with smile

i forget all things even mine
except you my gold's mine
the troubles go on our world so fast, man could have some troubles
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
May I know your problem?
“I feel Pain.”


With smile she answered.

Whether I examined her, or
I got examined.

We were on Par.

Smile returned.
Part of my everyday life.
Leal Knowone May 2016
When the conversation fades, and interest is gone. Island drift farther apart.  
Burning down the maze, to get to the point, when new beginnings start.  
Eyes aching to examine you. Before to long, the death of the heart.
The weight so heavy. I look to you & feel the beauty of this worlds art

When minds flower blooms, healing open wounds. Guided by the light of the moon.
Don't fear the faun, it has such beauty to gaze upon.
When darkness is lit,  I will see it fits, and be happy even in my tomb.
I held such artistry in my hands. I can rest happy after this place is gone.
the purifying waters we lay in, love, lust and sin. I see we're swimming before long
We witnessed it all under the sun .The new beginning has began.
sanjana goel May 2014
When things seem difficult miserable
Life is turning away from you
Intimidated and worn out you remain
In darkness at a corner you examine
Watching the sky as it disappears
Reminding the lost beloved ones
How beautiful and caring they were
Vanishing without saying goodbye
Shortening your long life span
And leaving you destitute and lonely
Deeply you wonder
How life can really be unfair
To honest and good people like you
But all you let go off
And focus to mend your life
And strengthen your heart
With good and caring friends on your side
Opening the picture of brightness
Knowing GOD holds your hand
Leading you to your success
Stars embracing the whole sky
And you know your journey has started
In pursuit of your purpose
Slowly matching from dusk to dawn
With smiles and determination
In whispers you read your heart

— The End —