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“How come the saddest writes
Seem to get all the likes?”

There’s literally a proverb for that,
Misery loves company;

Even in the 21st century.
I was thinking about this the other day
HTR Stevens Sep 2018
When they see you and guy a-walking,
They call it courtship;
When they see you and a guy a-talking,
They pass knowing smiles and well-meaning quips.

When both of you are a-quarrelling,
They say that the rough must come with the smooth;
Before long, one is a-sorrowing –
Not for the row (as they think) but over a lost tooth.

And then both of you stop seeing each other,
They think it such an unpardonable crime;
All that time trying to bring you together…
‘Tis a shame the wedding bells are ne’er to chime.
Valerie Jan 2018
Guarding the heart. For everything you do flows from it.
Looking forward, I will never look away. I can only move.
Correction is all I have. Wisdom is who I seek.
Your face is the greatest splendor there is.
Messiah, your eyes are upon me. Your love constrains me.
I may be distressed, but I am not fearful.
He is my fear, he is my only astonishment.
It's inevitable, I will always love you.
Woe is me if I did not have salvation. I am a person with impure lips.
I will plead with your face to the cries.
Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?
Isaiah and proverbs. Jesus I want you
Kuvar Nov 2017
For seven  hours I was dead
Dead in my Luxury lord's bed
I did not care of weather or bread
Life Lynchs me, she's  so rude

I turned left to the wrath of hell
I must tell you, hell is already here
My flesh cozy  but my soul yell
This is the earth that we do share

I had said Kamar is nothing but a myth
I am twice correct But today we meet
Call the priest who collects my tithe
Should I be blind after I paid for sight

The poor man, honey do pour
His healthy heart in tattered coat
The rich man, stings do pour
His thorny heart in costly coat

I stole from myself, the truth
For I am blind of the lamb birth
I chose the Golden crown of earth
For I am sightful of the lustful fruit

I woke up to the man in the mirror
Tears roll his eyes while I smile
Seven hours and it was lemon without fresh lime
Sour and bitter saint of the carcass in the mirror
If the needle eye will fit a camel., why so hard for the rich?
Qweyku Nov 2017
An aged woman her sight waxing dim
Waits at the gate called patience
A stalwart near the inner court;
Whose walls are named deliverance
Bolted by a door of praise.

She watches at the gate intently
Though many hurriedly egress
& fewer enter by it.

She tells those who will listen:
I look for the one coming from Edom
The one dressed in red
The wearer of the royal turban
The giver of the eternal ring.

So old
She is rumoured to be immortal
Her name is Kheftsivah
Though some call her Beulah
But I prefer her sacred name; Wisdom
& the secret one not yet given.

She is there still, they say
Ancient yet standing
Watching & waiting

           © Qwey.ku
Pagan Paul Sep 2017


He who hesitates is lost

then why

Look before you leap?

© Pagan Paul (19/09/17)
I realise these are British proverbs, so some poets
may not have heard them before,
However, they do contradict each other.
thepoeticwit May 2017
The expression of art
is the art of expression;
To express oneself
may give good impression

You may not always
have success
when you do your best,
but let it all be to God
and He’ll do the rest.

Don’t be frustrated,
Let live and let go.
To learn to forgive
is to show that you know.

Strive to proceed
it may not just be for show
Learn to live life
the best way you’d go.
Just some thoughts...
Mr Trismegistus Apr 2017
Father, give me not unto falsehoods and lies,
Nor poverty or riches in its stead;
But please, help me to always be wise,
And give to me only my daily bread.
So, this is really just me taking Proverbs 30:8 and adding a little to make it rhyme. I won't take credit for the words; that should belong to Agur.
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