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What does it mean that my logic and reasoning could solve a problem?
Meaning the one who gave me the problem could solve it already.
Yet there are those who have gone through all the courses of problems, all ending in relatively the same place mentally.
However, there are still problems they can't solve.
What does it take for a breakthrough?

To know when to employ math known to mankind and when I can't.
To know when I need something new or when I can use something old.
This, I believe, is the crux of the matter.
Otherwise, I try to invent new what is already done and so go nowhere except to prove to myself what all these people knew from a different perspective.
Deep Feb 17
How close we are now,
your face on my screen,
My arm seeking your back,
A kiss, a pout, a thousand gestures,
Typing texts with wide smiles
and staring the screen in hope
to never end the moment,
Miles apart yet so close that
the warm breath reaches as you exhale
or at least the sound of it,
How gorgeous these inventions are
making lovers lives easy,
sighs cut to half, tears reduced to zero.

I thank that human God
who invented the phone,
And glory to all those
shadowed by the mythical ones.
Dr Om Prakash Sep 2020
I have often wondered
If we wonder often enough !
For after all, inventions that
Really matter have sprouted
From that spark of wonder !

Starting from the wheel
To astronomy and software,
Penicillin to surgical marvels
You can find ideas galore !

Life without 'out of the box'
Would be very dull you'll agree
May the tribe of wondering minds
Never cease to find ways anew !
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
from Jules Verne's
mental dispenser
got blown out
of proportion
and popped
his internal clock
now there's never
enough hours in the day
so before global unrest
bursts his bubble
he'd better stop
chewing on ideas
and actually
come up with
a solution
that will stick
I'm just being silly here and not attacking poor Mr. Jules Verne.
Wisdom is better than rubies
Its harvest is better than gold
I’ll obtain and use this wisdom
Like the greatest people of old

Wisdom is deep and eternal
And guides me in meaningful ways
Its sense and witty inventions
Add wealth to my life and my days

Wisdom says, “Hearken unto me
And riches and honor will flow
Follow my ways purposefully
And your riches will surely grow”

Wisdom will fill me with treasure
Rejoicing in daily delight
Bringing me love and contentment
I’ll keep wisdom first in my sight
This is Prosperity Poem 32 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
Francie Lynch Dec 2018
They warned us not to worry,
Just do our best in school;
Those worldly professionals,
Taught us work-to-rule.

They did a few case studies
On twins from day of birth;
There's a fifty-fifty chance,
A will be born first

They are urban fighters,
Of fire, crime and blame;
They live in high rise condos,
They return from foreign lands.

They  wait over subway vents,
Their hearts and heads are bent;
They show-up in walk-ons,
They go without for Lent.

They fly in and out of space,
They don't identify with race;
They're picked up for vagrancy,
They dance cautiously in the street.

They volley warning shots
Across our private dreams;
They sign and seal a peace accord
They're sincere to a degree.

They contribute to the run-off,
And spiked our holy water;
They enlisted Moms and Dads,
Then slaughtered sons and daughters.

They made rings from ivory,
And pale lamp shades from skin;
They list dissipation
As a personal sin.

Then they did unholy things
With wood and nails, then atoms;
They tore at our goodly earth,
Wreaked havoc with their mapping.

They distilled our alcohol,
Made smoking so appealing;
Then they rang the tower bells,
And preached we had no feelings.

They dug deep for wishing wells,
Grew stuff to **** our germs;
They bestowed us rods and reels,
And spades to dig our worms.

They connected us
Through wireless touch;
They counseled us on loneliness,
And the traps of busyness.

They pronounce death is art
When they hang it on a wall;
Then blame it on our women,
In a scene based on our fall.

They're newsy opaque,
In love or hate;
They are the ambiguous,
The they, them and all of us.
In fashion with non-gender pronouns.
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
Mr Whoever Invented My Keyboard

The stupidest thing ever invented
Is the power button on my keyboard.

Hours and hours of smoking and playing, lost to a mistake.  
I knocked it off the bed and lost it all!
You’re joking!

Well I agree with you then,
This invention is ludicrous.
Hey Mr. Whoever-Invented-My-Keyboard!
You’re an ****!
So shove this keyboard back up yourself!

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Julie Grenness Aug 2016
I scribble this thought in an ode,
Writer's minds have minds of their own,
Our Muse does oft overflow,
Unless there's writers' block, you know,
Fiction people come to life,
We create their  joy or strife,
Or do they invent their own?
Is fiction a world to compose,
Or do our minds have minds of their own?
Feedback welcome.
L M C Sep 2014
practicing mental gymnastics
insipid memories
seeping their way past
defensive buffers
remembering repressed poisons
as a catalyst for making
wiser decisions

lackadaisical reactions to
sharply defined parallaxes
warrant an immediate shift

fractal spectacles
the labyrinth of my innards

inhale the cosmological smoke of suggestion

words become meaningless
when repeated exhaustively
semantic satiation
slicing away at true intentions
paving the way to
false inventiveness

shallow river beds are loud
prouder than their counterparts
insecurity overshadows

a lack of faith in the faint of heart
everything worthwhile
falls apart
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