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Descovia May 2022
The absence of a person very much needed
Is not the reason you deserve my frustration and to be condemned

When your life celebrated
gave me fulfillment in everything
which the blind can see, has define meaning.

I will not be the father to you.

Mine was to me.

Your essence provided blessings for my youth to remain eternal.

You never failed anyone. I promise you.

I can only live one life time. Although worlds beyond the metaverse and multiverse have brought experiences and traveled multiple in dreams, to this day that still mystifies me. As your father, I am more than willing to give my life up for you. My attachment here only serves purpose to protect, empower, heal you primarily, along with queens and kings of good heart morals.

I can only leave this life time once. You only have one life armed with endless capabilities. Use them to your advantage. Never lose sight on that concept. Everyday, I chose to live for you. Because, I refuse to phantom or imagine a realm without your existence.


Lead this world with love, which lives in you. I believe in you, and I am more than proud to be your father. You going to change something of this world with all the other babies growing to be adults.

Never stop winning!
A conversation between my son and myself inspired me to compose this.
I will provide the comical version here

Isaiah: Mom-Dad....

Me: Eh. Same difference. Your mom the pretty one. Just remember Daddy the ugly one. :/ Well, attitude wise.

Isaiah: * shakes head and rolls eyes * You're not ugly Dad.

Me: Thanks for disagreeing son. You see the good in everything huh?

Isaiah: Mom and you taught me. Remember?

Me: Hmmm..........  ( on the inside: I am so glad you're emotionally connected with everyone and logical as hell at your age 😭 UGGGGGGG ❤ He is only 6 and he sees the beauty in everything!)
Descovia Feb 2022
Lost in the static
Dropping to my lowest
having issues, but no need to show it!
Stopping bad habits.
It can be hard to manage
Still gotta hold yourself together
through a smile and stay charismatic.
Play my joint when you stuck in sadness
Remember my voice when you feel
you need some magic
I got no times to focus on my tragedies
All you fool wanna see me bad
Micheal Jackson on the run wit Bill Jean
I'll "Rock With You" if you on the right team
I know too many leaders
leaving this realm, to bring life to their dreams
They Don't Care About Us
Systematic sacrifices, always come and through regret they redeem.
Remember that Family Matters! I heard this
from the great 12 since, until I was 13
Mijo, caution on what you say.
and You always Say what you mean!
I been through the highs and lows
and everything else in between.
So forgive me, when I come off mean.
It's my job to make sure
you don't go through the same thing!

Life will test you and your advantages
Every time you fall I'll be around
to provide kisses for your boos boos
even when we are all out of bandages
Juice time with cartoon and sandwiches
fun time in imagination,
believe in growing your education
it adds up together basic mathematics
You don't always have to fight
life has rewarded those for being pacifist
Believe in your abilities and your skill set
for everything you do to become a master at it!

I been ripping and running all day
without a stop!
This is like when you're meant for the top!
I don't need riches,
You the cream of the crop!
Remember first impressions, leaves a mark
Your words and actions can do a lot
Take all have, and remember what you got...
Not everyone's your friend believe it or not
Everybody involved in different stories
playing a part just to be in the plot!
Playing around, please knock it off.
Be leader, run this game like a boss.
It's a sport!
Take a loss, it comes with a learning cost.
Get the net, sign a check, earning a stack, quadruple your gross!!!
It don't matter if it's Gucci or Ross!
Now show me what you can do! No excuse!
Anyone can have the Sauce
A brother like me, always been about the juice!
"I'm sorry to Momma" for having a short fuse
I had so much going through my mind.
May be like this until the end of time.
My boy Keep your head up. You a survivor.
My little Sagittarius control your fire!"
I know the Ambitions Az A Ridah.
But we gotta ride steady.. (x's 4)
_You do not have to punish yourself for faults or loss.
It is part of life and your soul will provide you essence
to be the light needed in everyone's life. Mostly your own.
You are important. You make me proud to be your father.
I will live for you, protect you with my life. No, force in this world
puts fear in my heart for you to honor your dream!_

We all love you, and will never stop being your side my son.
Traveler Nov 2020
From the book of
“ I say so ‘s”
(Not Isaiah)

Nothing can really be described
yet a poet paints a picture
in your mind

No one can be converted
until their truth
has been perverted

Lies needs to be believed
the truth doesn’t
we’ve all believed
a lie that wasn’t

There’s no future
there’s no pass
there’s only the present
Life is a state of either
Pain, pleasure or pleasant

Do not stop desiring to desire
The meaning of your life
Lies within your passions!
Traveler Tim
eb Apr 2020
Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
This world you value so much is just a vapor.
The human love you strive to find will die with the flowers,
And the work you do will come to nothing.

Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
All your philosophy is missing the mark.
Your efforts at understanding come nowhere close,
And there is nothing you can grasp about nature that will not one day slip out of your hands.

Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
There is more than what this world seems to offer.
There is greatness outside that of man.
There is understanding too great to name.

Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The Source of all loves you.
He gives power to the weak,
He gives His wisdom to those who seek it.
He give purpose to the toil of this lost and painful world.
All you need do is ask,
all you need to do is sit at his feet,
Call him Lord, call him Father,
And let him carry you “close to his heart.”
He has always been there,
He will always be here,
And it is never too late to come home.

Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
Has it not been told you from the beginning?
“Here is your God.”
Alt. Title: “Isaiah 40”
Isaiah Chavez Jul 2019
twice now i’ve kissed you
we bout to hit break through
i miss you i need you
please let me come thru

twice now i’ve l lost you
our distance is world view
I promise well make do
and we will get through

twice now ill commit to
our future will construe
our love will shone thru
and i just want to be with you
Isaiah Chavez Jun 2019
I’m obsessed with love and it’s habits yet I’m terrified of experiencing it
It feels odd, knowing all you can of a subject but still fearing its hold of you
You become obsessed with its agenda,
learning how it moves and breathes
Yet the idea of confrontation of it fills fear in us of how it will react.

Learning to love
It’s as if we have studied day n night yet the test was everything but
You know all there is to know
How to mend it, raise it, control it, yet we fear it
Love is unlike any being
Love has solidified itself as the most saught after suffering
We lose who we are, who we’ve made ourselves out to be to this point
For a figurative future version of ourselves we want
Love is the most unbiased experience anyone could interact with
It’s versatility has reached to personalities completely opposite of each other and brought them together
The only counter piece to love is failure
What if we fail in love
What if we mess up
The phrase “love is blinding” is beyond surface level
Love changes the most ignorant of men’s perspective
Maybe we fear being changed
Maybe we fear losing who we are once and for all
That’s what it seems to be

I will not love for I will lose myself again and I will not risk who I am
But what if I could become more
What if I’ve maxed out at my potential yet love shone through
The binding of two separate souls in agreement to become one through declaration in the name of love
What if love was named something else
Would all it’s definitions, synonyms, and relations follow or would some be left behind
Have we over evaluated love given it more than it’s deserving
Have we over complicated the act of love and the overwhelming qualities of love hinder us from it
I fear its changing abilities will fail me
I feel as if I could understand  
I pray I can reach that point but I fear more than I know yet I don’t

You see, love is in constant infinity
In the world of emotion; happiness, sadness, fear, and hope are all solidified equations and we are able wrap our minds around the properties of it
Yet love is a simple yet unsolvable equation that exists beyond our capabilities.
That’s why love is feared, we fear what we do not know
And in the nature of love it’s impact upon our lives is beyond any other.
And at its surface it is quite simple to reach yet we dive deeper and it pushes us beyond what we can evaluate
Maybe it’s better to love at a surface level
To love for lovings sake
To love to not be alone
To love to be happy
Love to have children
Love to be connected
Love to be secure
Love to be loved

Love is like pi
Not the food but 3.14159
Except every digit that follows the other is a vital detail in the pursuit of understanding love’s anatomy
We see love as 22/7
And we are happy with this
We love the way it looks and feels
Yet some will divide and settle for each numerical digit and settle as so
Yet some of us are not satisfied with this
We can’t handle with settling
We must find the extent to where it lies
As if it’s end is a revelation
We chase on, marking every detail yet we cannot write enough down to fill every page

Let alone understand
I do not refuse to love because I don’t believe in it
I refuse to love because I’m obsessed with what else it can do and I do not feel ready to love until I know all there is to it
@IsaiahChavezPoetry on insta
Isaiah Chavez Jun 2019
Dont take no advantage
don’t leave, no i planned it
I keep up, im standing
but you can’t just see me girl
and i just might please you girl

so why can’t i be your.. world

its you who i stand with
and me who you stand on
i stay still I’m grounded
but you keep on running off

and i keep my ringtone on
and you never seem to call
but i keep on chasing on
the dreams of us living long

so keep me in mind
cupid be by my side
Arrows fly by at times
yet they miss and i cry
but id rather shoot high
than never take the chance at, you

Its you who i stand with
and me who you stand on
i stay still im grounded
but you keep on running off

and these arrows are all I’ve got

but i keep my ringtone on
but you never seem to call
but i keep chasing on
the dreams of us living long

so please just give me a call
i promise it won’t be long
and maybe we can get along,
I need this its all i want
A chance to fall in love,
so baby give me our all..

so please don’t take no advantage,
don’t leave no i planned it
i keep up im standing
but you can’t just see me girl
and i just might please you girl

so why can’t i be your world?

its you who i stand with
and me who you stand on
i stay still im grounded
but you keep on running off

and i keep my ringtone on
but you never seem to call
i keep chasing on
the dreams of us living on
@isaiahchavezpoetry on insta!
Isaiah Chavez May 2019
I seek first love,
Love of me, before substance or being
I love me and my personalities
even the ones hidden from humanity
Its me i must love before anybody

If i try to love anyone before me
or I will be reliant on something unfulfilling
and believing false realities
and expectant of unnatural feelings

If i never learn to love me, i will lose the sense of love
and how to love
I will bury all the happiness I never experienced
and mourn over the smiles i didn’t control
to feel the want to lose
to laugh the way you do
to hide the grave of my love
and live how the lifeless do
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Isaiah Chavez Apr 2019
I’m surprised we made it this far
You’re the one who’s been there with me all along
You stayed by my side through thick and thin
I can’t believe you’ve stayed this loyal to what we’ve been
I wouldn’t be me without you
Despite you I couldn’t move
Even without the thought of you, you affect me in everything I do
From the way I glance at me to how you prove me differently
The presence of you has changed me, you aged with me and change like me
And like me, you can’t like me
Sometimes it feels you hate me and I guess that’s common to be feeling
The feeling of security in pains I’m believing
At least I’m aware of what’s reality
And not lost in confusing fantasies

Now the fact that I’m trusting these false prophesies
Is what’s making the hurt more promising
And promising I won’t feel another thing is the most alarming
But being in pain aint worse than feeling nothing
And I swear I’d take death before life took love from me
So from me is honesty
I ******* hate being alive when I’m lonely
It shows there’s no one for me
So for me I stand til I can’t feel my legs beneath me
From life beating down who I’ve come to be
Makes me hesitate on living
Especially with the tools to end me
Here lies the freedom of expression Im pertaining
I hope after this letter I won’t have to see who I’m going to,
Let this life be a word to you and my examples make me worthy to a few
That this rope wasn’t an option of violence I have to come to
It’s the effect it will cause on the future of me and you
Strangling the insecurities I have lived through
Isaiah Chavez Apr 2019
Broken promises left my focus anonymous til life sent its consequence
pretentious postures kept my thoughts unconscious
a prominence to be full of confidence
and an ominous apparel to your provenance,
your body language was taught differently than what I’ve heard
speaking in foreign words
from the painted nails to the forced curls
killing a canvas created for diamonds and pearls,

It's what the world prefers but love begs to disperse
but whats love to a lustful mind,
like obsessions are where your worth is clearly defined
your lust goes beyond approvals of mine
you need attention of those on the outside
like what I say can’t align with the amount of likes that they provide

I feel like I couldn’t matter less,
I'm a personal therapist who tries their best
who gets blamed for the things that cease to rest
who gets pushed under the bridge when things get stressed
you say you’re depressed but your sympathy for mine has digressed  
your symptoms are contagious when you tell me i'm selfish for wanting better than this
I'll remember to shut up next time I ask for happiness

Who you are to me isn’t the same as who you are to with anybody
you pick moods like they’re choices
like the person you’re around is what affects how your voice is
you never wanted happiness when I was in your presence
pity is what you love more than the betterment of our essence
putting you first is what benefitted

You is all that mattered
my heart was a broken platter
swept away by filters I held over
my mind felt shattered
my hopes and dreams clattered
the foreclosure of who I was for who you wanted me to be

My hearts in a different place now
my mind is full of spirits now
I lost who i was in an act to please you
I regret sacrificing myself for you
I hate the way things turned out but I'm learning who I am now
Im learning what it means to be me again and that’s something ill never give in

I hope no one has to experience the torments of losing self love again
This short story is a segment of my life, any questions? dm me!

if you enjoy my poems check me out on instagram @IsaiahChavezPoetry
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