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Valerie Jul 27
''And that night, I came home pale and broken. My heart was broken in leaving you there with no answers. When I looked at you for the last time, confused and disappointed, it was as if the brightness of life had been extinguished. There was only sadness for months. Any trace of your memories weakened my body. You liked coffee, I stopped drinking it. You pedaled your bike, and I lost my balance. We were in that bookstore and I was never able to buy there again. What if I forgot you today? It would be a gift. Now you are consciously raw, and I am inconsolable sorry''
I'm too old for that
Valerie Dec 2019
An unhappy week. A tight anguish has settled in my chest and it looks like it will take a while to pass. It is strange how dreams are born, flourish and die quickly. And it doesn't matter if you cultivate, because even cultivating looks even worse. Feeding dreams, and not being able to fulfill them, only causes sadness and anguish. Now, I ask God to help me through this once again. I know I'll be better off and unmarked. Everything I dreamed died. Just when I dared to say '' yes '' And with him go all my plans for happiness.
He doesn't love me aymore. But I do
Valerie Dec 2019
There are many illusions.
The fear of not being reciprocal.
The doubt that it can work
. The fear that he will give up.
The confusion that it will leave in my heart.
And every night I'll sleep no more, from now on.
I wrote that before my first date. And yes, It was so terrible. I loved him, but he forgot me. Just the way I thought
  Oct 2018 Valerie
Sylvia Plath
"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
And arbitrary blackness gallops in:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

God topples from the sky, hell's fires fade:
Exit seraphim and Satan's men:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I fancied you'd return the way you said,
But I grow old and I forget your name.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

I should have loved a thunderbird instead;
At least when spring comes they roar back again.
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)"
  Oct 2018 Valerie
I have no injuries
but I always feel like I'm in pain

My mind is always clear
but I always feel like I have a headache

I'm breathing fine
but I always feel like I'm suffocating

Have I lost my touch?
or have I lost my sanity?
Please Tell me...
  Jan 2018 Valerie
Chelsea S
I have yet to be kissed
in a manner
so passionate and incandescent
that it has yet to leave my lips,
never to be forgotten.
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