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Ethan Titus Sep 4
It's raining
Precipitation I did not foresee
The clouds have been there, but when did they grow dark?
When did they grow heavy, laden with this buried pain?
Kept at bay, the vault to be forgotten
Yet here you are, bringing forth the rain
Why couldn't you just have stayed safely locked away?
Yet it's not all bad, the rain brings comfort, that of familiar sorrow
"There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning."
It's a terrifying thought, yet a dream I cling to: joy, happiness.
We fear the unknown and these things are just that.
Though I await the rising sun, I cannot hearken for the morrow.
Desire Feb 2019
"Do not forsake her, and she will keep you;
love her, and she will guard you.
Prize her highly, and she will exalt you;
she will honor you if you embrace her.
She will place on your head a graceful garland;
    she will bestow on you a beautiful crown."

[Proverbs 4:6,8,9]
Wisdom Proverbs
Proverbs 4:6,8,9

— The End —