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Glenn Currier Mar 14
What matters matters
it doesn’t matter
that there are so many things
and people that do
including you…

and me.
mjad Jun 2018
I hear the electricity fade
The room is lit with the TVs black haze
My body in your arms is no game
But now I'm all you want to play
part two of my previous poem Prioritize
Ann M Johnson Sep 2015
A person could gain everything in the world
but lose those which they love
remember to always prioritize properly
Raquel Butler Sep 2014
And for some reason, I can't make myself prioritize.
So I wind up reading web sites during the time I should be writing, writing while I should be sleeping,
and sleeping while I should be in class.
And making the "smart" list.
And continuing on the same dreaded path I've been on since middle school, when I first realized I could get away with this.

— The End —