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Bobbo Doggo Nov 2020
“WACHOW” I go, to dummy

Ready for a fight

“KACHOW” I slap the ‘squito

Now no more bug bite

“WACHOW” an angry Bobbo

When enemy’s in sight

“KACHOW” goes angry Bobbo

A happy boi tonight :)
Zack Ripley Feb 2020
I'm not here to tell you why or how.
I'm just here to help you through when life goes POW!
Allen James Aug 2018
The rapid fire of a printer,
Can rip a soul to shreds,
At 9:00AM some think it’s ten,
While others just forget,
One by one we hold our ground,
With nowhere to retreat,
Our fingers march in unison,
To the sound of the same beat,

Poor young Bobby's in the corner,
Still trembling in his boots,
This is no place for tender hearts,
For that is what we shoot,
12:00PM - Swallow regret,
With ramen in a bowl,
A busy stomach helps to keep,
The mind off starving souls,

Fly back now birdie, it's 12:30,
There's been a breach of internet,
We all break rank and start to yell,
"Run for your cigarettes!"
Let's pull ourselves together now!
There's glory to be had,
They say our names will live forever,
When sales aren’t too bad,

4:00PM - It’s time again,
To reassess our plan,
All team leaders to the front,
In chains of old command,
Let’s push a little further now,
Eyes on the prize of screens,
We'll break our backs, our necks, and wrists,
But we will never break routine!

6:00PM - We did it men!
Victory is here,
Now how about we celebrate?
With laughs and ice cold beer,
But wait a second, look out there!
The enemy’s not through,
I know they’re all too young to die,
But killing children is what we do,

Another round. What say you, men?
Let’s not forget our cause,
We've found so many bodies here,
Yet all the minds are lost,

Now brace yourselves for madness,
Thoughts of discharge from your desk,
For delusion earns no payment here,
And hopes are kept in check,
And should you ever dare to wander,
Then you too shall go berserk,
With visions of a POW,
A Prisoner Of Work.
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018


You got me.

What now



What a



You showed me
Ya hurt me
hope it helps
We went we saw.
We fought we died.
Some came home.
But changed for life.
From beating hearts within our chest.
And terrors that haunt us to our death.
Were broke were beaten.
Bullied and scared.
We stand together.
From lands afar.
My cover hits the ground my boots in the sand.
A brand new day in a brand new land.
Simon Soane Oct 2017
A sing of
super ace
amazing beyond measure;
little fantastic you
with all the drops of treasure.
Dwarde Ozadal Sep 2016
Death is an amusing mistress
We need only remember her presence
To fully enjoy her absence
Baylee Sep 2015
She's got a mental health record as clean as a POWs,
She's got a back as strong as a spinally wounded veteran,
She's as emotionally distressed as a seventy-four year old widow,
She's as healthy as the man in the Bible with leprosy.

She appears to the naked eye as young and vibrant,
She comes across as asthetically pleasing to the eye when naked,
She looks like a put together young woman, but on the inside
She's crumbling more and more with every moment.

He's got a steady job and earns a salary,
He's got his own house, own car, pays his bills,
He's out of school but going back to grad school,
He's got it all figured out.

He's asthetically pleasing but compliments her,
He tells her each part of her that he's in love with covering all the bases from head to toe,
He kisses her like she's never been broken,
He loves her unconditionally, but she has conditions.
Savannah N Nov 2014
warm, orange, safe
oozing slowly inward
over reality
past time
recessing stress
overwhelming comfort
pow wow
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