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Dwarde Ozadal Feb 2017
Shakespeare's rhymes sing of a beautiful time
Talk of beauty forever enlosed in his lines
How I wish I had the skill
To immortalize your elegance through my electronic quill
To be like the old masters of the art
To write everything on paper straight from their heart
But I fear I possess the level of skill for that kind of art
For I am a simple man and simple words are the weapons I wield
  Feb 2017 Dwarde Ozadal
I guess I won that stupid fight of "I love you more."
Dwarde Ozadal Feb 2017
I love you
that in itself
is poetry
  Sep 2016 Dwarde Ozadal
I'm not insecure. I'm jealous and unrightfully so. You're not mine.  I'm jealous of anyone who catches your eye, I'm jealous of anyone who snags your attention. I'm jealous of the ones who take your time. I'm insanely jealous of anyone who makes you smile, feel, live more than I do. I have 41 days, 16 hours and approximately 32 minutes left here. I completely understand that you would not want to commit to that, to me when I will be 800 miles away. But I'm still here for now. I'm here now. Make these moments count. These should be what matter. Don't be scared, because you know I'm going to leave please. I just want to love you deeper than anyone else has, or will. Why can't you let me?
Written 9.17.16
Dwarde Ozadal Sep 2016
Death is an amusing mistress
We need only remember her presence
To fully enjoy her absence
Dwarde Ozadal Sep 2016
Detach yourself from the constructs of man
Things of non-permanence
Focus on the improvement of your soul
Learn to live with material absence

Be not blinded by grandeur
Of money and social stature
Do not envy your neighbor
They forget they are only man

Remember your mortality and relish in the reality
That everything that must begin will end eventually
But be not afraid of the inevitable
For those who fully lived life
Never truly die
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